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StartUp Idea #3: Book/Review/Rate Marriage hall services online…

I have been writing about the ideas related around marriages. Although the idea that i am going to write below might exist or can be considered additions to the existing ones in the market.

Hope you guys have heard of, which have refined the way we book air / train tickets and hotels. In the similar manner, we can also have a simple website wherein we publish all details about the marriage halls available in the city.

The simple website should do the following
For Marriage Halls
1. Ability to search marriage halls by cities, budgets, availability etc
2. Ability to block the hall by paying in advance if dates were not sure.
3. Ability to register / cancel the booking by paying online via NEFT / CC
4. ability to write reviews
5. Photo gallery of marriages, rooms, halls etc

For Caterers
1. Ability to search for Caterers by cities, budgets, availability etc
2. Ability to write reviews about their food preparation, servings etc.

Photographers / Video coverage
1. Ability to search for Photographers by cities, budgets, availability etc
2. Ability to write reviews about their albums work, DVD video editing etc.

Like above, there can be lot for some of the following things
1. Beauticians
2. Flower distributors
3. Music bands or DJ
4. For Hindu marriage, Iyer’s are needed.
5. and there should be many more….

Top sites already contain some of the information i mentioned above. Since they are all collected and organized by the site owners, they do not have reviews and ratings etc. A simple website which can have these information with the ability to search, rate and review, will be of great help for the general public.

Value & Experience :
People are(atleast i am) desperately in need of such sites and will be of great help. It will help me decide things based on the information i get from the site. Remember all information should be lively. otherwise, this website is no different from others.

India has 28 states and 7 union territories (federally administered). Each state should have enough marriage or events hall to cover the marriages. People searching for it will increase on the website provided they are lively and time will be saved. Transaction fee can be levied per booking or what ever applicable fees. But helping people to search and locate their liked stuff is more important and it will bring enough revenue later. you can look at example sites like or which have exhaled in the real estate portal business i guess.

These services need not be restricted to marriage event alone. it will be helpful for other events such as
1. Birthday parties
2. Baby shower functions

I hope you got the idea….leave your comments…
bye for today!


11 thoughts on “StartUp Idea #3: Book/Review/Rate Marriage hall services online…

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  2. This is a nice idea. In fact one of my senior software developer has given this idea today to think off.

    So, we are planning to go for a good planning on this and will come back to you for your inputs on that which can help us collect more feedbacks in the application and later we can enable to iphone, android or windows mobile.


  3. Hey Balachandar,

    I too have thought of a similar idea, but more on the lines of renting space (not just halls) for short periods and for different uses. I’ve got more details in mind we could discuss via email (

    Or if you’re occupied with chennaishopping, maybe you could link me up with someone who’s started work on it!

    Thanks & Cheers.

  4. Appreciate the efforts you have put up in building and providing information in your website.

    Sharing few Business ideas. Using your website platform. Sorry if I am taking much liberty.

    1. Settingup Backpackers hostels/ Dormitories in or nearby Tourist spots. Target market is the Backpackers youngsters from Western Nations. They look for cheap simple clean accomodation that is clearly lacking in India. Room costs to be in Rs 500 per bed range. (Example website:

    2. Two wheeler rental business with GPRS/ tracking facility, in local Towns / Cities, for the outstation Sales executives, as substitute for Autos / Taxis.

    3. Turning Wastelands into Fertile lands. I have the required information.


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