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Travelling to Tada Falls

It was great morning yesterday. i slept like anything. my friend dinesh day before yesterday called me and said “please be ready by 6.30 AM. so that we can start early morning..”. i said “OK! done da”. but it didnt happen that way. i totally forgot that and was completely in full sleep. he came in the morning and wake me up. then i started along with him at 7.30 and reached a friend’s house(swar) in royapettah. from there we took a car swar had. three of my friends – swar, ashok, dinesh were in the car and started to tada falls.

Good thing about the trip is that nobody had seen the tada falls before. its only dinesh who knew route to srikalahasti; tada village is on the way to it. you need to travel deep into village to reach the falls. we started at around 8 AM from swar’s place in a maruthi van playing rocking tamil songs. In a hotel at Nungambakkam, we had our breakfast. i had 1 masala dosai + 1 onion rava(not that good). then again started the travelling towards the tada falls.

the same group of friends had travelled Coorg few months back. i failed to blog about it… it was a nice trip. we all expected that this trip will also be like that. this tada falls trip has beaten the expectations. we were travelling in the chennai – kolkata highway. the highway is not that good as the chennai-bangalore highway. we took the route from coyembedu, anna nagar, red hills, karanodai, padi which leads to srikalahasti, towards nellore.

we reached the tada village from where we took a left towards varadaiah palam. the tada falls route is not good from varadaiah palam. more over, i suggest you people need to get necessary food and water so that u wont starve there. adding to the fun while travelling, while going towards varadaiah palam, we took snaps on the road, shaked pepsi on each others…i never did like that before. after reaching the varadaiah palam, we bought biscuits, pepsi, water bottles and travelling towards falls.

when you say falls, you would imagine the previous falls you had seen and u expect the similar kind of view. but for us, it was not. we got totally a different feeling. swar was driving the car and its a challenge for him and his car because he never took his maruthi van like this before. maruthi van would have cried if it had feelings like in cars movie. also we saw a huge mountains, and ground before that where we spent some time and then started towards falls. we reached a place where the road ends. after that there were no proper road. it were made up of pebble and marble stones. u cannot drive just like that. we also see people driving their bike over the stones road. swar was very much afraid whether his car will go crossing these obstacles. he challenged and we all supported him despite having fear at our heart. but one thing we all had in our mind is that “enjoy what ever that comes…”

we reached to a certain distance where smaller no. of cars were parked. then we refreshed there and locked every thing inside the car and started walking towards the falls. while on the go, we shoot some videos, pictures. the fotos were taken with swar mobile. i even explained about “Touch me not” plant along with ashok shooting me. we tried some thing like that will come in national geographic / discovery channel. i guess i did a great job. Having all sorts of fun like this, we are marching towards. the heat from the sun makes us tired. dinesh got very tired than me. he is little fat than me. we all encouraged ourselves and started walkting towards the falls. people told that its just 2 km from the parking slot. hearing those, our hearts filled with joy. but that is not true. we walked almost 5 km inside the tada forest and reached a place where you can see the running water. some of our friends where there jumping over the trees. he he he he …. its monkey… :).

we all played in this running water for some time, took snaps etc. after that we started again towards the main falls. dinesh said “no da we cannot lets enjoy this”. but we were not ready for that. we wanted to see the main falls. again we started walking towards it. at some point, there is no proper route. we walked towards the top of a little mountain, then down and then walking in the ground and reached a place where a small temple was there and there too i could see people selling pappad (appalam), snacks etc. on the way to this place, we saw a crystal clear running water flowing towards the place where we were playing. besides the temple, is the water flowing. it is very chill. we saw a bunch of people playing in water here. we thought this is the end of the falls….but people said there is no falls here as this is now dry place. but with confidence and some sort of adamant behavior which forced us to see the end of the falls. we were walking towards a cave. while crossing this water path, swar mobile got wet which was in my poket. this incident took out my mood and swar was very much upset. then we removed the cover and battery from the mobile and try to make it dry. ashok and dinesh insistied no to switchon mobile unless it is dried under the sun for a day. having that in mind, we kept our mobile in ashok’s bag and then carefully moving towards the falls. this incident made me unhappy that day

this is the place which you never ever had seen before. Giant Rocks, water flowing beneath it, caves at some places. all these made me to feel danger at beneath my heart. but thrilling experience. at last, we ended seeing the falls with no water from the top……. 😦 😦 😦
but, in a small cave at some height, we saw water pouring from it. at the bottom is the hole and if you been in to that, you can never get out. we reached this place at around 2.55 PM. when we started from the parking slot, the time was 12 PM. then we all went into that cave like place and took bath. the water was so chill like the fridge cold water.

the pain we had while walking towards this place had gone away after sitting under the falls. it so cool you know. every body should experience this and this nice place. we were there for an hour and started at around 4 PM. we plan to reach the car before sun light goes off. a guy while coming, told us to reach before sun light otherwise there is no way we can. he is right. there is none who can help out. no villagers. and the thrill continues.

once we started to reach the car, we were again walking over Giant Rocks, greenish water which can make you slip and fell down. thank fully, we were all safe. no injury for us. while returning, we forgot the route we came in. we were walking along the route in which water is flowing. we had faith in ourselves and some danger in our heart which we didn’t reveal to any one. but our heart is filled with fun, thrill, danger, pain. some how, we reached the temple back again. from here, the route is clear. we were walking along with some other people who came for the same excitement. and at last, at around 6 PM we reached the car by slowing walking over the mountains and in the forest.

Immediately started driving the car so that we will be leaving the place as soon as possible before any thing wrong could happen. we reached back to the varadaiah palam and two of us food there. one thing which we did wrong is that we didnt pack foods. we just took pepsi and biscuits which is not at all helpful for us as we lost most of our energy by crossing over Giant Rocks and walking through the forest and mountains. swar started driving carefully. one bad thing is that except swar, none of us knew driving. i suggest people when going for a long drive like this, have more than one people who knows driving. we some how reached the highway and was travelling towards chennai.

at some point, due to bad speed breaker in the highway which we didn’t notice, we were not able to control the car. some how managed that but nothing bad happened. reached swar’s house and my self and dinesh and ashok all went home. dinesh dropped me at my house. i entered my house, had dinner, went to sleep. thats it..

we spent the money in the following for 4 people
Petrol : 500 INR
Food and cool Drinks : 500 INR


4 thoughts on “Travelling to Tada Falls

  1. pics was with my friend swar prasad. he havent sent me. i am still eagerly waiting for that. once i have, i will post along with google maps which shows the route

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