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StartUp Idea #1: Making Marriages live via portable device connected to internet

Its a festival season in India starting from September to January. Apart from these, lot of things happened in my life as well. I celebrated my Nephew’s First birthday at my granny’s house. It was a awesome function after a long time for me. i enjoyed every part of it because its the next generation in our family 🙂

Read the conversation below and you would understand the rest of the posts…
Sister-in-law:whether i could show this event to a uncle who is in USA.
me: I could try…but i am not sure.

Later that day, i opened up my laptop and browsed through the which i know for a long ever since they became popular. Its a site which you can use to live stream any event happening at your place. I logged in and immediately broadcast the event.
I sent the invite to my uncle, family relatives, and of course friends. All those people who could not reach to the event, enjoyed by watching the live streaming of the event. I also happen to record the event after my brother’s request. All this was the first time and i thought its a beginner’s luck.

my granny house had BSNL broadband unlimited with wireless modem and it was good enough to live stream the event. Everyone at home was happy and all my friends and relatives appreciated my intelligence of using computer and internet 🙂

I then downloaded the stream and saw it again and enjoyed. one of my uncle who was not able to watch the event when it was live, did watch the recorded one 🙂 after i published the recorded one.

Now that, this is over.
Exactly after 1 month, one of my cousin got married at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Since i was there, my brother and sister in law asked me whether i could live stream the marriage event…?

I said i cannot. it is in public and people would think of something. this has not happened in India before and people think that i am creating a scene. Also worried about laptop condition as it might get broken if it falls.
But later i did got the laptop and we took the risk. we setup before the marriage stage and there was no internet in Marriage hall. we tried to use the Tata Photon+ and to my surprise it worked.

the marriage was live streamed and couple of my relatives who could not make it watched it live. it was the happiest moment. one of my uncle who is in USA watched it live and enjoyed. we even recorded. only 4-5 people would have watched. but it was worth the try.

you can do things which will make people happy. your friends, family relatives and other people… After that marriage live stream, reception happened. same thing happened… guess what…? we did the live stream again…. I don’t know whats the bill for tata photon+ i should ask the cousin 🙂

Since that event, it struck with me the idea of live streaming the event via internet for people to watch. why not make the marriages live stream? if you are getting married, you friends might be in abroad or in some other location. they can still connect with you via this stream.

but does laptop is the right choice? can everyone afford for the laptop with decent webcam? i guess no.
what can be done is that, we could create a small portable device with a webcam which can connect to internet to the site and live stream the event. you can use either Justin.TV as specified by in their The Request for Startups series post titled New Ways to Use Live Video

But this post title suggests “Making Marriages live via portable device connected to internet”. the reason why i suggested marriages because, its the big event that happens in Indian families. Lot of marriages happen every day… and by selling the device to the video camera people, you can actually make money.

Also with the site, you can put ads on it. you can develop a social site where you can live stream only the marriages happening in india only to a set of closed people by protecting the privacy. I guess you should get the idea….if not, comment for explanation.

bye for today.


5 thoughts on “StartUp Idea #1: Making Marriages live via portable device connected to internet

  1. Thats great idea. But is it possible to have ip connected camera around the corners and capture the events in one device ( Like CCTV) then broadcast it to the world via web interface ( vlc streams) ?

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