Code 4 Fun

Lets code 4 fun. No high tech stuff like complex algorithms to solve complex problems. i wrote some scripts which i would love to show here that helps us in our day to day life.

1. Ruby Mp3 Crawler
This will download the mp3 songs from the website parallely.
Download sites: |

2. Circket Companion
This will give the latest scores from the website
Download site: Google Code

3. OpenSocial App – Geolocate my friends
It will show you where your friends located in the world map powered by Google Maps
Download site: Google Modules

4. jqrating – jQuery based Ajax Rating for Rails
Download: Ruby Gems
How-to: my blog

5. Widgets for Tamil Bloggers
Download: உலகம்.net

6. Tamil Spell Checker for Firefox
Download: Mozilla Add-ons

7. Project தமிழ் – tamil widgets source code
Download: Google code


3 thoughts on “Code 4 Fun

  1. Hi. you got a cool site. I remember long time ago, someone shared to me a link of free tamil movies. I don’t understand what it says – but i believe in action speaks louder than words. maybe you can share me some links that will lead to free tamil movies.

    Good day!

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