What Startups can learn from Thani Oruvan Movie?

Hope you all watched the new tamil movie in town “Thani Oruvan” termed Single Person in English.

Arvind Samy as Siddarth Abimanyu and Ravi as Mithran IPS have acted well in this action packed dramatic thriller movie with mind blowing peppy hits from hiphop thamizha. Director Jeyam Raja who is famous for his remake hits , became Mohan Raja from this movie with his own script.

how is this movie relevant to startups or entrepreneurs?

  • It is relevant because, it gives you motivation.
  • it makes you to think that one can achieve they have dreamed about .

I wanted to share what startups can learn from the movie.

  • Believe First that You alone can achieve it
  • Take one Idea. Think about it throughout your life. Make it your life.
  • Form a Trusted team to take it forward.  Make everyone believe.
  • Chase your Customer.
  • Be Patient. Be ready to change your selves for anything.
  • Finally be Brave enough to face anything on your path to success.

Have you watched it? What are your thoughts about the movie?


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