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My startup so far is an online book store selling tamil books, tamil novels, sangam literature, tamil dictionaries, poetry’s, history and epics available in Tamil (தமிழ்) Language. so far so far

I would like share about my startup – so far

Launched on Oct 24 2011 with 5 books

Currently 2250+ products in online catalogue.

  • 7+ months in operation.
  • 900+ users registered since launch.
  • 27K+ unique visitors. 300+ every day
  • 110+ customers have placed orders more than once

Total Orders

  • 800+ delivered
  • 5 Returned
  • 40 cancelled

Total Sales 4.4L

  • Online sales 3.3L
  • Offline sales 1.1L
  • 60% orders were made using Netbanking / Credit Card.
  • 40% order were made using Cash on Delivery (India Post – V.P.P / Self).

We do Cash On Delivery using India Post V.P.P
We ship using Speedpost, EPP, Regd. Post, Professional Courier and Self (in Chennai Delivery)


  • Orders were delivered to 15+ states.
  • Tamil Nadu takes the lead followed by Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat

Unique visitors

  • As per google analytics, 27K+ unique visitors to our site since launch.
  • 4k+ unique visitors per month on an average.
  • 5k+ unique visitors in May 2012.

Publishers with us

Vanathi Pathippakkam, Kizhakku Pathippagam, Poompuhar Pathippagam, Kannadhasan Pathippagam, Karpagam Puthagalayam, Sixth Sense Publications and more

What do our customers say?


We haven’t done effectively yet. Few simple SEO’s, Email campaigns rarely.

Top 5 reasons why to buy tamil books online from us

Our Motto
“Any Tamil Book ever printed will be available with us.”

What do you think about my startup? any suggestions / feedback are welcome! I am happy about what i am doing now. Its been a dream project since 2001. Lets see how it goes.


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