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Twitter provides update service via SMS for India too

there was one reader of my tamil blog asked me on how to update twitter from mobile phone free of charge. after instructing him through a reply comment, i happen to notice in the twitter help.
i.e they provide update service via SMS for India too..? Twitter sees India as an emerging user base of twitter?

What are the Twitter phone numbers?
We currently have three short codes and one long code for those who twitter internationally.

* In the US, use 40404.
* In Canada, use 21212.
* In India, use 5566511.
* Anywhere else, use +44 7624 801423

this is the first time i am seeing that a service from US supporting India locally. most of the time i think that all these web 2.0 stuffs are only for US. but there are folks who copy the thoughts from their and try to create Indian version of it. i appreciate them if it happens for good and for niche market.

any way i am happy that twitter is local to India too..

You can view the Twitter help page here.

After #mumbai #terror attack, twitter gained lots of attention from India and worldwide. some even say that twitter is a kind of news source which is faster than any other traditional news provider.

whats your thought on this? is this the sign of India moving ahead in online world?

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Questions i have related to mumbai terror attack

List of questions i have related to mumbai terror attack

1. NSG commandos aircraft delayed in delhi?
2. why hemant karkare went alone with less equipped inside the taj?
3. why did terrorist chose taj, trident oberoi , nariman house specifically?
4. if the caught terrorist was sadistic in killing innocent people, why he didn’t suicide himself when he thought that gun battle at 3rd day about to come to an end?
5. why did media showed all actions of NSG commandos, army, police man actions?
6. is hemant karkare or NSG commando’s death were because of media’s live coverage?
7. who made the live coverage stopped on 2nd day? and why it not stopped on first day?
8. all news channel carrying out live coverage of attack, people’s emotions etc why are they doing this? just to raise their TRP ratings which is important to their business? wont they give importance to human feelings?
9. what is the ultimate motive of these terrorists? attacking foreign nationals? specifically US, UK? or create fear, panic wave across the country?
10. India Tourism will be worst affected because of this incident? what about the campaign “Incredible India”
11. Pakistan assures full co-operation to India. what does this mean? what kind of co-op? they fight for Kashmir and offer help in other places?
12. why can’t ISI chief come to India even during this serious attack?
13. attack on mumbai is considered as an attack on India? what about other attacks which happened every 6 weeks…? i mean attack on bangalore, ahmedabad, delhi etc etc etc.
14. did media hyped that attack on mumbai is attack on India? or is it real?
15. why do people tweet about #mumbai #terror watching news from various news channels? do they want fame? or just because every one is tweeting abt it? FYI, i also twitted abt it after seeing so many twits.
16. Post-mortem analysis of the attack done by various media is really needed? or are they bloating the issue?
17. how can the further attacks be prevented?
18. 60 hours of operations by NSG, ARMY, Mumbai Police. are they really successful? i see we lost a number of hostages etc. i too agree that its very difficult operation to execute.
19. where did manmohan singh, pranab, shivraj patil, raj thackrey, LK advani went during this terror attack?
20. what actions did maharashtra / Indian government took to combat terror hence forth?
21. why did terrorists used only first floor for the last minute battle?
22. will ratan tata rebuild the heritage Taj hotel back to its normal? what kind of support/security will the local / central government give to these kinds of businesses?

….add more if you too have. you can also answer these questions…