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Customer Service in India

I am being a customer / consumer using many of the services in the country. I have been doing lots of observations related to customer services in INDIA and i will be writing about them.

I have come across lots of services both online and offline. the moment you go online, there are different set of tools for customer services. In offline, there are different set of tools.

Let’s see what is customer service?

From wikipedia

Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.

Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation

A Customer, always expects Value for Money or more for the money. For e.g. A Digit magazine associated with a Free CD / DVD.

Best Customer Service is one of the main reason in every successful companies we see. Providing customer care service is not that difficult. It is how we see it, matters a lot. When companies listen to their customers, they can build great products / services. Thats how many companies have become big and mints money.

Here are some of the questions i too ask myselves….

  • How do successful big companies handle customer services?
  • How are they able to engage with people?
  • Are people sticking to these companies because they don’t find the better alternative?

I think there are lots of things like this if we want to discuss about customer service. Companies have to do lots of work if it wants to provide better and good customer service. Here is what i feel what a good customer services a company should provide to its customers.

  • Respect and communicate to customer politely.
  • Understand and listen to customer’s problems.
  • Solve customer’s problems first than concentrating on the company revenue.
  • Followup with customers with new services and value add services.
  • Transparent in billing, update about new products / services.

our country is transforming into a consumer market, slowly i.e consumerism. we as consumers, need better consumer protections from companies who are cheating us. Going forward, i will write about companies in india and their customer service from my own experiences.

If you have any comments / suggestions, please write to me. Add your comments below too…

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Please understand India…

I read a blog post titled The real reason behind India’s lack of startups/innovation.
I wanted to respond little later but it seems the comments are closed. I have crafted my responses

>>>> And now let me clarify that how I qualify to answer this question. I am founder of it’s now a 11 month old web startup. We started working on it right after college, so I am a young startup founder, with very radical ideas, inspired by silicon valley culture and what not. So I have 11 months of experience in this arena to back my answer.

Congratulations on running your start-up all these months.

>>> Now, why there are no web startups from India, because there are no early adopters. That’s not in our blood. Web startups come out of USA because Americans love to try new things and we Indians don’t.

I think the author did not understand India and its people’s mindset. His product is addressing USA and not India. As far as i have known, many great products like Google Finance came out of India. There are many web startups like,, that came from India. They have been developed targeting Indians in mind. Not the USA.

>>> What are early adopters? Early adopters are those people who actually use new services and accept them or reject them. I am not saying that early adopters always accept new products, they actually give their opinion. So if a product is doomed to fail, it fails early. That’s how it works.

when orkut came, people accepted it. when facebook came, people accepted it because facebook was better than orkut in many ways. now its happening for Google+ i guess. If your closet is good enough, it will get adopted. Try to look for the reason why its adoption is not upto the mark. Glad, you have found out how a Product works….

>>>>And I know the root of problem, it’s the faulty education system which is brainwashing innocent children and putting a belief in them that “your ideas are useless”, it’s such a small line and has such a vast impact on the whole nation. Students are literally discouraged to take forward their ideas, especially in the average engineering colleges, I can only talk about them because I was a part of them.

I too agree on this. but if one wants to do and have courage to do, he/she could have done it. if you have felt that education ruined your ideas, why did you take part in it?

>>>>Only solution to fix this problem is to destroy all the engineering colleges right now and convert them into “idea factories” let young people work on what they want. I cry seeing so huge human potential wasting. If anyone wants to fix something in startups ecosystem, fix the education system, that’s the root.

Glad you found the problem and asking anyone wants to fix it. Remember what Gandhi said “If you need a change, be the change!”. Please understand the audience on which your product is targeted. Do what ever it takes to satisfy that particular audience.

One small example. In a auditorium, its the responsible of the speaker to gain the attention of the audience… not the other way round.
That’s all i want to say.

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IPhone or the other?

I have been using a Nokia 6610i since 2004. I’ve been happy with the quality it had.
Still it has… except that ringtone speaker stopped working recently and battery(duplicate) drains out just like that….
For all these years, Nokia 6610i was ‘THE’ best phone i’ve ever had. I have paid hefty price that time which is almost close to my one month salary. I am desperate to get Nokia 6600 or 6610i just because they had awesome quality and color.

i couldn’t find a original battery for Nokia 6610i model. i couldn’t find a original cover so that i could make it look like new phone. i am loosing calls because i couldn’t listen to the ringtones (i have kept that 5 years ago…)

I have used my Nokia 6610i as a Phone, FM Radio, Camera( take pictures but never share it because i don’t have data cable. it doesn’t have bluetooth either. but it had InfraRed.. ), SMS broadcaster etc

Now that i am out looking for a new Phone which will be friendly, smarter, long lasting etc etc. My friends have Samsung, Nokia, HTC, IPhone etc.. but always in confusion to choose which one….?

so How will i buy a phone? there are so many in the markets… based on which should i need to choose?

  • I liked, loved and used Nokia. I looked at the N8 Nokia smart phone my friend had. It was good but not that great. They don’t have good UI. although i know they are built with Symbian OS which is open source. They lack usability, smoother transitions between apps etc.
  • Next phone i have seen are Samsung Ace, Galaxy S in shops. They are good. Looks-like IPhone. They carry Android OS which is partially open by Google. they cost 15k & 19k respectively. The new Samsung Galaxy SII have been released in India last week which costs 32k.
  • THE one phone i have been admiring or eager to get is the Apple IPhone 🙂 It has great number of Quality Apps, seemless experience but expensive as Galaxy S2. They have been released in India last week by two biggies – Airtel and Aircel. The cost of the phone is almost twice that of US.

Airtel and Aircel came with special Apple plans for Apple IPhone thereby suggesting customers that they can get services + Phone for the cost of the phone. IPhone is priced at 34K. Both these companies say that if I pay upfront, i will get 2 years of contract service based on various tariff plans they have created. I have started to lookout for those plans and how good they are…. and i am presenting my analysis.

The Comparison – IPhone 4 vs Other phones with 1Ghz processor (most phones with these speed cost > 25K i guess)
For the next 24 months, I can use 3G, GPRS with Airtel or Aircel. If i am spending 500 per month which includes Talk time + Data plan, then i would be spending 12,000.

Lets say I buy HTC Incredible or Desire HD which costs around 25K.
so, it comes to 12K + 25K = 37K

Lets say I buy Samsung Galaxy S2 which costs around 32K.
so, it comes to 12K + 32K = 44K

IPhone 4 from Airtel / Aircel
Lets say I buy IPhone 4 with Airtel or Aircel which costs around 32K.
so, it comes to 32K only. isn’t this good in terms of Price?

OS comparison

  • I did consider HTC and Samsung because they are Android OS based which is becoming good.
  • IPhone 4 is iOS based which is matured and good.
  • I did not consider Nokia because i don’t know what Elop has in his mind. – Symbian or Mango?

Apps Ecosystem

  • Android OS comes with Google appstore. they are fragmented and they don’t have quality apps as far as i’ve known (from media and articles on the web). Good thing is i can develop apps using eclipse and sell it.
  • iOS has great apps, great games with quality. Bad thing is i need Mac OS to develop apps.
  • Nokia OVI – no idea after Win 7 use

am i biased towards Apple? am i making the right comparisons? should i consider any other factors?
Please leave your comments!

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Why we should learn our mother tongue?

Everyone should learn to read and write their mother tongue. This is important and a emotional one.
Here you can find the debate related to “Tamil” language.
People discuss about the following
1. Necessity of learning
2. Emotional
3. any specific value that it can add to our professional life
4. Its speciality
and many more…

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

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Top ‘how to’ searches for India via Google

  1. how to reduce weight
  2. how to kiss
  3. how to earn money
  4. how to get pregnant
  5. how to learn English
  6. how to gain weight
  7. how to play guitar
  8. how to create a website
  9. how to impress a girl
  10. how to tie a tie

Top Bollywood Celebrities

  1. Katrina kaif
  2. aishwarya rai
  3. salman khan
  4. hrithik roshan
  5. kareena kapoor


i think you dont need any explanation on this.

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Twitter provides update service via SMS for India too

there was one reader of my tamil blog asked me on how to update twitter from mobile phone free of charge. after instructing him through a reply comment, i happen to notice in the twitter help.
i.e they provide update service via SMS for India too..? Twitter sees India as an emerging user base of twitter?

What are the Twitter phone numbers?
We currently have three short codes and one long code for those who twitter internationally.

* In the US, use 40404.
* In Canada, use 21212.
* In India, use 5566511.
* Anywhere else, use +44 7624 801423

this is the first time i am seeing that a service from US supporting India locally. most of the time i think that all these web 2.0 stuffs are only for US. but there are folks who copy the thoughts from their and try to create Indian version of it. i appreciate them if it happens for good and for niche market.

any way i am happy that twitter is local to India too..

You can view the Twitter help page here.

After #mumbai #terror attack, twitter gained lots of attention from India and worldwide. some even say that twitter is a kind of news source which is faster than any other traditional news provider.

whats your thought on this? is this the sign of India moving ahead in online world?

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Tomorrow India’s Leaders