NDTV, Barkha dutt, blogger and freedom of speech?

Chyetanya Kunte, a blogger expressed his views about the media coverage on mumbai 26/11 attack. see here for the google cache. After legal actions/threaten from NDTV/Barkha dutt who always talk about freedom of speech in their news channel, he has withdrawn his post [update: I guess, Kunte has withdrawn his post because of legal actions / threaten from NDTV / Barkha dutt. I hope the freedom of speech is still alive in India]

You can read the ongoing episode on this issue:

some body edited the wikipedia entry for barkha dutt. see here (thanks labnol for the link)

I don’t see anything wrong in what ckunte wrote in his blog. every one has freedom to express their views. its the universal truth that media is one of the major reason for 60 hours of attack exposing all sorts of techniques/action that NSG or police men were taking during their fight against terror. other wise we would not have lost many of prestigious lives.

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