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Random Thoughts 3

  1. Doing business in TN is very very difficult compared to other states. Infrastructure Problem, Power cut problems, too many problems that business cannot concentrate on itself. I am telling this based on my experience with running – the online book store in chennai
  2. Recent agitation by students related to Tamil Eelam is a welcome one but a late one. This should have happened in 2009 when the war was on.
  3. DMK pulled out of UPA just to tell tamil people that they are more serious about Tamil Eelam. But in reality, they were worried about students agitation and hence want to get attention across nation.
  4. India has made the UNHRC resolution draft less effective based on the ties with sri lanka. they are like cat on the wall. If breaking a good relationship with island nation, it will have serious implications going forward. countries like PAKISTAN , CHINA might be waiting to build a relationship with sri lanka to get greater control.
  5. Recent TN budget states that govt is keen on making the state a social welfare one (which is already). I think JJ govt should concentrate on solving infra problems, power problems and provide a platform where one can survive.
  6. Like selling alcohol, TN govt has started selling Affordable restaurants. This is a welcome one. I also request JJ to consider for water(H2O) distribution through its Metro Water across the state. It can fetch much more revenue as its used by anyone. but rather than making money out of it, govt should keep the water free of cost.
  7. CCTP in facebook takes complaints from people in south madras. not sure they care about north madras. may be even the govt or local body authorities….
  8. when we book ticket, we pay 40 rs as convenience charges…. would some body pay the same for online store?
  9. Many of the shops are now selling milk, water, soft drinks above MRP. what should we do about it? complain? will it work?
  10. Autos in Chennai charge double the amount for a commute. my suggestion is if auto guy asks 200 rs for a trip. u can guess the original rate to be (200 / 2 )+ 10 to be reasonable. actually, it will cost only around 100. 10 rs for driver 🙂 u can manage using this in Chennai.

if u got any other thought, share it in comments.


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