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Random Thoughts – 2

  • Entrepreneur life and Marriage life should not be taken together. Both needs your time. Equal time or may be… Marriage life needs more time. 🙂
  • Lots of people around you gives advice on how to do the business. But they never do their business properly including me. You know the pain only when you get it.
  • Long Patience: A Must need in Entrepreneur’s life. you can’t just be that young kid yelling at everyone…..
  • A Single Delhi Rape case which is brutal has come to the limelight of Media and general public. When will those that are not arrived will come to the limelight? Will the criminals get punishment? I guess, Governments don’t act fast. It is just a another money making show for all news channels.
  • Politicians in GOI are busy thinking about how to make money and more money for their family. The recent hyderabad blasts shows that they dont worry or care at all. Look at shinde’s response. Utterly irresponsible.

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