1000+ orders delivered and counting…

Happy Moment for us.

We at have delivered 1000+ orders as of yesterday and its counting more. Every one in our team has worked hard in order to achieve this great milestone. Here are few stats

  • 1000+ orders delivered
  • 1200 Registered Customers.
  • 55% of customers have ordered value  > 200 and availed Free Shipping all over india 🙂
  • 56% of customers used Netbanking / Creditcard. Remaining 44% used Cash on Delivery.

Below are the order status rate.

  • 93.2% orders were successfully delivered.
  • 4.9 % cancelled
  • 1.1% is Test / Invalid orders
  • Remaining 0.8% were Returned.
we have asked our customer about us. You can check the feedback here
Yes. we have a very long way to go. At the moment, we are enjoying what we do. we continue to do and improve for the better experience.
Going forward, you are going to see more categories, items in our online catalog. Bye and spread the word for now. Add your suggestions in the comments below or email me
Hiring Note: If you / your friends want to join us, do let me know.

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