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Random thoughts – 1

  1. If i am correct, pupil in schools are asked to wear uniform dress to prevent class differentiations. if that is the case, why do each school has different color code dress? why can’t all school follow one uniform? I guess all govt school follow one single uniform. why not all schools? Class differentiations starts from schools i guess.
  2. Pranab mukerjee was not even able to control the slowing down economy of India. what’s the use of becoming a president? Congress controlled Prime Minister and President going forward.
  3. TN govt is going to allow pubs and restaurants to serve liquor 24 x 7 by collecting a licence fee of 32 lakhs. I think this should be auctioned. A bar on a single day can collect more than that. Soon, people of Tamilnadu will get more home essential freebies like AC, Refridgerator and Washing machine but all without power.
  4. I know that we import lots of Oil barrel from gulf countries and hence we pay the price (84$ as of today). but what happened to the petrol that is from the Indian soil and seas? why are they sold at $ prices? they should be sold at INR. does India have Crude oil resources? Yes. India has total reserves (proved & indicated) of 757 million metric tonnes of crude oil and1241 billion cubic metres of natural gas as on 1.4.2011. (Table-6)
  5. I have never ever seen a Good Road in Chennai. At first, they dig to lay roads. Later they did for drainage and water supply. Later they dig for laying out bridges. Now they dig again for laying Metro rail. Will people get good roads?
  6. Few years back, i know that there is only one toll road – Chennai to Pondicherry. They were really good, with reflectors on the road sides, middle of the road etc etc. Now every road is a toll road. OMR, all national high ways. If there is a toll road, there should also be a free road. where are those? Road tax money is going into politician’s binomyi who in-turn takes these road maintenance contract? May be / May not be.
  7. Apple Inc says “There’s an app for everything”. can a app make a hungry person happy? is there an app for that?

More to come…


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