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StartUp Idea #5: Forms online

Back in Dec 2010, i have written few posts related to StartUp Ideas. It took me one year to write a new one. 2011 was a great year for me because I finally quit my job at Amazon and (re)started my company

Let me write about the new start-up idea which i had been grinding in my mind. It may exists or may not. i am not sure. most of the ideas i have written are problems that exists currently.

Now,  Forms  Online

What are forms?

Forms is a document which you use to fill up with pen and apply form some thing. checkout out Forms at wikipedia. I am not talking about HTML forms here.

what is the problem?

The problem is simple. collect all these application forms and provide them as pdf downloads to get it printed or make an HTML form out of it and present a printable form with customer data in it. You can store customer data for later use.  This solves the following list of problems

  • user will not type / write duplication information like name, address, phone etc etc etc.
  • user will just type the “new-not found information” that are asked in forms.

This gives the following advantages

  • user knows exactly the form to use to apply for certain things. need not search here and there.
  • all forms at one location. saves time for the user.
  • user is not frustrated to fill the same details, 1000 times.

Different types of Forms

I am going to list the types of application forms available in general public.

  • School/College Application forms
  • Government Application Forms
  • Job Application forms
  • Bank Application forms
  • Applying for Gas connection, ration card, DL, passport
  • so and so…. hell a lot of it.

School/College application forms:

there are around 1.6m schools in india as per see if you can help these schools, get their application forms online for just download for that academic year.  some schools / colleges do make money even in these application forms. you can make a cut out of it.

Government application forms:

Hell a lot of it. just browse through various states respective website and collect their PDF link and provide them for download at one location. provide a easier way to find and download.  I spent lot of time in figuring out marriage certificate registration form online. Even though i found the site, i am not sure whether it is updated or legitimate. if you can assure it, your website is a HIT.

Job Application Forms

I am talking about Non-tech jobs. Get the job application forms for non-tech jobs that comes in paper or what ever and get it filled

Bank application forms:

Check deposit slips pre-filled or what ever loan application or what ever. Do tie-up with major banks and get their forms in pdf format to be downloadable at your site. List it by category, banks etc.

Gas connection, ration card, passport, DL:

Just get the gas connection form online. or what ever it is.

Miscellaneous forms

  • BB plan change letter for BSNL
  • BANK letter format for update of any information to ICICI, SBI et all.
Note: Do add more in comments if you have any.

Hell a lot of forms:

There are lakhs of forms to be filled by a user. every time he/she fills the following information multiple times

  • Full name – first, middle, surname
  • DOB
  • Father’s / Guardian name
  • Permanent Address
  • Residential Address
  • PAN
  • Passport

and many more

Privacy issues and Trust factors:

what ever the information forms online get its, it will be too personal information. one should take care to protect the user’s privacy and get user to trust the website. It’s very difficult to achieve the trust factor in short run. but overtime, if you provide good service, users will trust these kinds of forms service, because it saves their time.

Business model:

More downloads. More Users. Your traffic and download is your source for revenue. you can get sponsors for various form channels say bank or get the advertising revenue. You can also get a revenue share with school/college application.

You can add premium service by providing few forms at a paid price etc. may be this will work or not. not sure though.


whether this idea will work or not, the problem of filling offline forms exists. the problem of searching forms to apply for certain things exists. You have million opportunities to solve for the main stream users….. do share your thoughts at the comments below.

Update 1: there is a startup which is trying to solve this. Do give a try.


4 thoughts on “StartUp Idea #5: Forms online

  1. Great post! Attempting to solve a large problem with a simple, efficient solution is always a great place to start when looking for an entrepreneurial project. Once you have the idea, keep in mind your overall goal (solving that problem) when making decisions. Most people find that if they only make a decision or take a step if it is going to bring them closer to solving the problem, they find success much easier. Let the user do what you intend for them to do and do not confuse them accidentally! Just my two cents

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