SBI – Stupid Bank of India?

I have been hit many times with SBI – the largest nationalized bank in India but operating with stupidity.

Here i am going to list out few things which i feel SBI should do it to understand newer generations.

  • Stop charging annual fees for Debit Card. Giving it first year for free and charging is a stupid thing in this new internet connected age.
  • Having enabled Core Banking across branches, still if i have any problems with my account, i should be able to go to nearby branch and get help. in this case, SBI should learn from ICICI rather than saying go to your branch which is in different metro city.
  • SBI should stop charging for inter-branch fees since they have become one bank – virtual branch anywhere kind of due to connectivity. They should help their customers anywhere in India
  • SBI should enable a customer who forgot his login / password to be renewed online rather than giving/sending letter to the branch where the account is maintained.
  • SBI should remove the concept of having an account w.r.t to branch. they should make it easier for their SBI customers not for their SBI branch customers.
  • SBI employees should be user friendly. They respond to elder people but not young people.
  • SBI employees should think “Customer First” rather than “Work First” attitude. This “work first” attitude is there with most nationalized banks.

If you find any stupidity, please let me know.


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