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can VIPs violate the traffic law?

Question: can VIPs violate the traffic law?
Answer: Yes. They will. For SECURITY Reasons.

What are those Security reason?
i don’t know.

Today i was travelling from Parrys to Adyar in the evening. there was heavy traffic after foreshore estate upto Andhra Hospital. I was driving between the gaps where ever i could, to overcome the traffic so that i can reach home early.

suddenly i saw the siren sound. some 6 to 7 cars + 2 jeeps went. Its none other than chief justice of high court (chennai). Although police could clear up traffic upto ayyappa temple, they were not able to after that….

Immediately, police vehicle found a way out to the other side i.e opposite side and all vehicles got diverted on that side. I too saw, Judge is inside the car.

few questions i got at that instant

  • Chief Justice of High court has violated the traffic rules by travelling in the opposite direction with the help of the traffic police. is it violation?
  • I also know that due to security reasons (i am not sure what it is clearly), Police are clearing traffic for the judge. what about the people? why cant police clear traffic for people? so, Police will work only for VIP’s ?
    why does these kind of VIPs commute at peek hours of traffic when common people commute?
  • why cant they travel late? this can help people i guess.. because here the entire path from office to home is blocked for them. this happens when our hon’ble Chief minister’s do such actions.
  • is there any law or constitution bill that states “People should pave the way for the VIPs who are ruling in the government / Law etc ?”… if so, please let me know

I have heard people like Kamarajar who hate to use such kind of things for personal use. my guess is this will continue for ever and i / we have to live with it…

what’s your take on it?


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