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Small Entrepreneurs… Big Inspirations…

Near my office, there is a small chaat shop. You cannot even call it a shop. Its actually under a asbestos sheet in front of a shop that sells Ice cream and chips etc. Although this Ice cream shop is a busy one because of the school presence nearby, this particular chaat shop is also popular.

The name is Calcutta Chat.
You will not find any name board there. Owner of the chaat shop served pani poori and other snacks in our cafeteria in past. I could remember because i used to eat lots of quantity. I liked their servings…

so whats different… or you can ask how its inspiring…?
Yes. It scaled 🙂

when my cafeteria started charging higher price for the bad meal, i and other colleagues started going out. Usually we go to Hotel Nisarga in infantry road, opposite to Police commissioner office. Food is good there too. I will write about Nisarga later. Last year, i was on a mission to reduce my weight. Hence i was trying to locate a good place to have my lunch where they wouldn’t add much fatty contents. One day, colleague of mine told me about this Calcutta chat shop which provides chapatti (roti) + dhal. As there were no tables in the shop, you need to eat food sitting in the chair.

I tried it. It was Good. It was priced at 20 INR. 🙂 They served 3 roti’s + dhal + liquid curd (with masala topping) + mini version of salad (cucumber + onion). I liked it and i end up having it everyday. Apart from roti dhal, they also serve variety of parathas (aloo, gobi, onion etc). usual chats like samosa, pani poori, masala poori, pav bhajji and sweets like gulab jamoon etc. I have tasted almost everything except jamoon. Prices are decent for the quality they provide. Highest priced was some type of paratha at 40 i guess. Lowest is samosa… 7 INR. Few days back, rates have been revised but still, i consider it worth.

I commute in BMTC. i have to get down in sigma mall stop and walk to office premises. One day, i didn’t and thought i could get down near the chandrika hotel signal which is also the same distance as from the bus stop. I couldn’t get down due to green signal and bus was moving fast . I end up getting down in next stop which is near cantonment station. I had to walk back to office and suddenly i found a small shop in a basement with a name that seems to be similar. Its none other than “Calcutta chat” 🙂 I thought this could be some other guys but wanted to check out.

I went inside the shop and was surprised. Same menu. few known faces. similar-taste food. They have tables and chairs here. Understood that this is a branch of the same calcutta chat which was next to my office building. In the new shop, they added meals(rice + dhal + aloo subji + pappad + 1 roti) to the menu which is decent enough. Its good to see that they found a new shop and they are on-track in their growth. I had usual roti + dhal and started to office. while coming back, i saw calcutta chaat shop owner nearby my office. I told him that i had lunch in that new shop. He smiled! I could see the happiness in that person’s face. All the troubles they have faced will vanish one day.

Who are their customers (two shops combined)?
Employees of Atkins, Amazon, Torry Harris, Vikram hospital, FirstSource, General Public and School students. Their peak lunch time is around 12-2pm and you need to wait at least 20-30 minutes to get, what you ordered.

may be after few years, i hope to see them managing a restaurant called “Calcutta chaat” with colorful atmosphere.


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