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airtel, you suck now-a-days…!

Once i was a great fan of airtel and its customer care service. I even used to brag about it to my friends.

Not anymore…

Airtel sucks for the following reasons:
1. They cheated by taking 500 INR for name change but didn’t do for 2 yrs
2. They said that proof submitted by me for lifetime prepaid 5 yrs back is invalid now and blocked my calls. Even asking for local reference number, when i try to submit other state DL. Asking too much personal information like PAN No, reference number of someone i know locally, Local state ID card, date of birth
3. Charging 50p per call for calling their 121 customer care service when i have problems. calls disconnected by CC people
4. Not even notified me about their new customer care service 198 which is IVR. no human being behind it.
5. debiting money from my prepaid without my knowledge. once i noticed, i called and got my 15 INR by spending 1 INR on call their customer care service twice. they disconnected 1st call.
6. Reduced my bandwidth from 1mbps to 512kbps even though i have not violated FUP.
7. FUP is a F**king policy which they introduced in name of fair usage for all users. please upgrade your infrastructure.
8. charged me 1500 INR for WI-FI ADSL2+ Router without telling me. when asked customer care for upgrade, they said its zero cost. after upgrade, the charge was included in the next month bill
9. Converted the Hardcopy Bill to e-bill without my knowledge in the name of Save Treesinitiatives. It happened twice. I had to login to to change everytime.
10. Forgot to send me hardcopy bill to my address. I raised two request to get my original bill. Ist request was closed without even confirming whether issue was resolved with me.
11. Charged me 500 INR to transfer the phone connection from one place to the next place on the same street.
12. Charging 75 INR as late payment fees which is too much. This is how you are making money and keeping your investors happy?

You may have 100 million customers. but not definitely 100 million *happy* customers

Hoping for the mobile number portability….


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