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Twitter provides update service via SMS for India too

there was one reader of my tamil blog asked me on how to update twitter from mobile phone free of charge. after instructing him through a reply comment, i happen to notice in the twitter help.
i.e they provide update service via SMS for India too..? Twitter sees India as an emerging user base of twitter?

What are the Twitter phone numbers?
We currently have three short codes and one long code for those who twitter internationally.

* In the US, use 40404.
* In Canada, use 21212.
* In India, use 5566511.
* Anywhere else, use +44 7624 801423

this is the first time i am seeing that a service from US supporting India locally. most of the time i think that all these web 2.0 stuffs are only for US. but there are folks who copy the thoughts from their and try to create Indian version of it. i appreciate them if it happens for good and for niche market.

any way i am happy that twitter is local to India too..

You can view the Twitter help page here.

After #mumbai #terror attack, twitter gained lots of attention from India and worldwide. some even say that twitter is a kind of news source which is faster than any other traditional news provider.

whats your thought on this? is this the sign of India moving ahead in online world?


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