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Questions i have related to mumbai terror attack

List of questions i have related to mumbai terror attack

1. NSG commandos aircraft delayed in delhi?
2. why hemant karkare went alone with less equipped inside the taj?
3. why did terrorist chose taj, trident oberoi , nariman house specifically?
4. if the caught terrorist was sadistic in killing innocent people, why he didn’t suicide himself when he thought that gun battle at 3rd day about to come to an end?
5. why did media showed all actions of NSG commandos, army, police man actions?
6. is hemant karkare or NSG commando’s death were because of media’s live coverage?
7. who made the live coverage stopped on 2nd day? and why it not stopped on first day?
8. all news channel carrying out live coverage of attack, people’s emotions etc why are they doing this? just to raise their TRP ratings which is important to their business? wont they give importance to human feelings?
9. what is the ultimate motive of these terrorists? attacking foreign nationals? specifically US, UK? or create fear, panic wave across the country?
10. India Tourism will be worst affected because of this incident? what about the campaign “Incredible India”
11. Pakistan assures full co-operation to India. what does this mean? what kind of co-op? they fight for Kashmir and offer help in other places?
12. why can’t ISI chief come to India even during this serious attack?
13. attack on mumbai is considered as an attack on India? what about other attacks which happened every 6 weeks…? i mean attack on bangalore, ahmedabad, delhi etc etc etc.
14. did media hyped that attack on mumbai is attack on India? or is it real?
15. why do people tweet about #mumbai #terror watching news from various news channels? do they want fame? or just because every one is tweeting abt it? FYI, i also twitted abt it after seeing so many twits.
16. Post-mortem analysis of the attack done by various media is really needed? or are they bloating the issue?
17. how can the further attacks be prevented?
18. 60 hours of operations by NSG, ARMY, Mumbai Police. are they really successful? i see we lost a number of hostages etc. i too agree that its very difficult operation to execute.
19. where did manmohan singh, pranab, shivraj patil, raj thackrey, LK advani went during this terror attack?
20. what actions did maharashtra / Indian government took to combat terror hence forth?
21. why did terrorists used only first floor for the last minute battle?
22. will ratan tata rebuild the heritage Taj hotel back to its normal? what kind of support/security will the local / central government give to these kinds of businesses?

….add more if you too have. you can also answer these questions…


4 thoughts on “Questions i have related to mumbai terror attack

  1. 4. He probably lost his nerve! Or got overpowered before being able to react. Once they’d got one, security services probably didn’t see the need to be nice to the others…

    7. A BBC journalist said he had news & film that the security forces asked him not to broadcast as they felt the terrorist might be watching the events on TV. They would maybe have got a better view of the state of the security response.

    8. Of course. And Yes. Isn’t that what commercial news networks are all about? It may not be ideal but if there isn’t a swathe of protest followed up by legislation & sanction… it ain’t gonna change.

    10. Briefly and locally, perhaps. But many will also feel they want to holiday in India out of sympathy for Indians, depending on the security follow-up.

  2. Hi since i cant use my reaal name as i am involved in security issues of the country let me answer in phases using anonymus name.

    1. The flight was not delayed in delhi. this is normal time.
    2. He was not fully aware of situation and went with service revolver only which was premature for such man.
    3. The most sought hotels where international tourists present and house that had jewish people inside.
    4.To show world that they can keep indian commandos at bay. Preliminary interogations points towards the same.
    5. they have promised not to show movement of NSG but will cover in general and since the tv was cut off and jammer was in place it went on.
    6. media was never there when hemant confronted. NSG death was he went ahead in the staircase to save another commando and instead of retreating he surged ahead and sharpenel from blast hit him.
    7. Forces came to know abt blackberry on day 2 and some landline calls made on day 1 and so the media was asked to stop giving out specifics
    8.I dont have the capacity to answer this as i am from security side and not from media.
    9.interogation is going on and the agency is trying to put together pieces of info abt the motive.
    10.true unless some assurance can be given.
    11. we have friendly govt in pakistan as of now. We will have to wait and see what they can offer.
    12. it will have serious implications in pakistan. Many parties feel sending ISI chief amounts to admit of guilt.
    13. The mode of attack is different and they know verywell if caught ded or alive it will point to plan across border and still they went on. thats the difference
    14. Its real
    15.No comments not my area of specialisation
    16. media and its behaviour i am unable to comment
    17.Security agencies have given their recommadattions.
    18.The instruction was to secure hostages and thats why the delay and the terrain was totally unfamiliar. Forces are not aware of exact no of terrorists and the fire power it took while to understand that.
    19. No comments
    20. You will come to know in days to come
    21. They were shifing between floors and were getting cornered and the reason they thought first floor was safe bet cannot be revealed as of now but it was good one thats all i can comment as of now
    22.Thats between govt and TATA.

  3. Everything can be answered with these words/phrases Inefficiency, Bad Work ethics, Lack of Planning, Lack of Security, Lack of Respect for our nation’s infrastruture, laws and people, Lack of good Leadership and Apathy.

    This is not a new thing that has happened, only now, Foreign Tourists and Wealthy Industrialists were involved. The Media is a Commercial Enterprise so it will do what it can to boost veiwer/readership. In all these years after our Independence, its not like we dont have a perception of reality when it comes to threat from terrorism, but what have we done so far? We played the NICE guy in the eyes of other Nations, we like to do less work for the pay we get cause “come on, who cares any way, no matter who governs the(not our) country we are in the same place”. Well, we see the results and it isnt that great, is it?

  4. All questions are valid and there must be accountability. But my biggest worry is – This reaction and questions are coming only from maybe 20% of the educated class.. this movement is restricted to 20% of the indians who are angry and who know what to expect from the Government for their own safety and security. But what of the rural poor, the vast majority who are uneducated, and constitute majority of the vote bank. Can these 20% who are angry at their own administration create a change? How can we reach the people on the other side of internet, newspapers, blogs and make them join us?

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