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Google Chrome – Google’s Internet Browser

Google yesterday announced the concept of their Internet browser as a comic book. today i was able to download it and use it. This blog post is written using Google Chrome. i don’t want to write another review since there are already lots of post out there.

since i am end user, i like its simple design, lightweight, fast, more visible content as they have said in their comic. i have just now gone through the entire 35 pages of comic. its seems that many of their software engineers contributed to its development. one good thing is, it is OpenSource.

Google is surely going to fight against Firefox, Internet explorer, Opera, Safari. They already know what their user is doing. now with browser, they can rule the web. In one way, they can help people a lot by providing lots of useful things like reporting phishing site, integrated gtalk with voip, email client and many more things.
google chrome

Google chrome passed the ACID test as it uses Web-kit as its rendering engine. it also uses V8 – Javascript virtual machine which they have developed from scratch to address their need as well as today’s web needs, they can see lot more opportunities in browser market since most of their applications are Javascript based one.

there is also chance that android might get chrome as its default browser because of its light weight thingy. another good thing is that they have default support for flash, sliver light, pdf etc. my screen shot of Google’s internet browser when writing this blog post,

google chrome
Google Chrome - Google's Internet Browser

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One thought on “Google Chrome – Google’s Internet Browser

  1. Hmmm nice..!!

    Nowadays the browsers count is keep on increasing..!
    I dont think it’s fine..

    Each browser has to be supported all the features like ajax, jscripts, prototypes, flash etc etc.

    Initially they wont give any of these facilities.. After all, we have to develop a site that will be supportable in all browsers.. Uuufff..
    How many patches and updates we have to include…??

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