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Bye Bye Bill Gates! Microsoft loses its Identity

Bill Gates

Bill gates, the richest man in the world for 13 years, is also the chairman of the Microsoft Corporation, the company which developed Microsoft Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office which turned the entire world into computer world.

Despite the controversies and other thoughts about Microsoft and bill gates, I am here to talk about the positive side of MSFT and bill gates since today is his last day as chairman of the Microsoft Corporation. From next Monday, he will be non-executive chairman who will come to office once in a week to take part in the companies operation. He plans to be part of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which helps poor people in the world and also in curing neglected diseases.

Almost two years back, he informed the board of directors about this plans of becoming non-executive chairman and wanted to focus on Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation where he donated $30 billion from his personal asset.

even now, when I talk about computer to my parents, they know about bill gates. Bill gates and Microsoft go hand in hand. if you talk about Microsoft, you also talk about gates and vice versa. Microsoft / Bill gates has revolutionized the way the we use computer in our day to day life and also in business. the money he earned were all through the Microsoft windows operating system and Microsoft Office which includes spreadsheets, word, presentation etc

One thing I inspire from him is that his courage, the way he drove Microsoft from a small company which writes software’s to world’s largest software maker that runs on almost 90% of the computers. when I started with learning computer earlier 2001, I always thought about Bill gates and Microsoft. after 2 years on windows, I moved to Linux and Open Source because of the much openness in it. I am still a Linux user and it still helps me earn for my living. but I should say that without windows, I would not have been learned  applications like office, Photoshop, flash, visual basic and lot more to tell. My father too learns windows and Office applications. you should be happy to see how normal people like my father uses windows and other applications. its so easy for them to use windows and windows applications especially Microsoft Word. all credit goes to you Bill. Hats off.

I wish you all the best for Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

To know more about bill gates, click here |see wikipedia

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2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bill Gates! Microsoft loses its Identity

  1. One thing.. we all often curse windows and all that… but I don’t think that’s connected to scolding Bill Gates directly as such illa?

    Couldn’t phrase my thought correctly somehow… hope you got it!

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