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random thoughts…..crazy thinking

sleeping on Saturday morning is a good feeling you know after a week full of work. some times you like/love to stay at home to do some thing different apart from your daily routine work. in this case, i write software for a week, in weekend, i wash clothes, watch tv, eat, sleep etc like what every bachelor does. if any thing got disturbed, i get tensed.

i get disturbed if power supply interrupted in the weekend
during the weekend, these electricity board cut the power supply and make me not to watch tv or use internet. all through the weekdays they wont do anything. even though we pay EB bills in a timely manner. no power. no cable tv. no internet 😦 only other option is to wash clothes / sleep. sleeping is some thing which i don’t like to do. washing clothes is a very very difficult task but yeah its cool you know when wear clothes washed by yourself.

when I try to sleep forcefully, I wont be able to sleep. I get random thoughts about every thing that is happening in this world. but this kind of thoughts I wont get if I am fully engaged with watch tv / browsing internet / playing aoe / tribalwars…. during these time, i tend to think about things which I can(not) imagine. say like, what if people started working on night rather than day. yes. really i thought about this.

what if people started working on night rather than day
power consumption will be tripled than what is being used currently. different parts of the world use the planet’s resources and i am sure i will be part of its deprecation. few years back, almost in every region of this planet, people worked during day time. they tend to sleep/rest/romance in night time. now a days its not like that. its the survival of the fittest. in current situation, one half of the world sleeps, other half of the world works. people being moved to different parts thereby work continues 24×7 without interruption. i am sure that this may not work in the long run. as in, very soon all our resources may get deprecated and what will happen to future generations….very big problem. i have got solution for this. people shouldn’t work in night. they need to take good sleep/rest during night time. every body should be give enough food, money and shelter. resource sharing across the world is the only option rather than discussing the GDP of every country and always talk about that poverty in developing/under developed countries. every human in this world should think there is one earth. one planet where humans can live. they need to share resources to others. its a live and let live policy. if this happens then darwin’s quote “survival of the fittest” goes wrong and i want to rewrite it as “let everyone survive”. but this cannot happen for sure. that’s nature’s call. when there is a need for destruction, nature automatically calls the earth quake, heavy rain, floods, volcano eruptions etc

another related crazy thoughts i had is that what if people around the world stopped working for a week? oh man! i think i am really getting mad on this kind of thoughts.i stopped here and started to think about why i am getting such random thoughts. its because i am not engaged (with a girl) with the work. if i don’t have any work related pressure, my brain becomes dumb. it tends to think randomly using our past thinking capabilities. some times these kind of dumb thinking will be good. if its not good, i just go and start browsing the internet. in this way, i avoid bad thoughts and also i wont waste my time in it.


One thought on “random thoughts…..crazy thinking

  1. Ditto here… I go mad during weekend because of this crazy thinking and usual thoughts that come to my mind. I differ in one point from you.. i love sleeping

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