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IRONMAN – could be possible in future

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dont watch movie for a logic. but i like the director’s thinking. overall, i liked the movie very much. all these days we have seen superman, spiderman and other man’s….who get super powers through some thing. IRONMAN is some thing for today’s world. tony stark, the hero is a CEO of Weapon manufacturing industry. hero once goes to Afghanistan for a demo of his new missile technology to the army and gets caught into terrorist. he found that terrorist use his weapons for destruction of his own country(USA). terrorist ordered tony to design a similar kind of missile technology. they were given the necessary materials. tony and a co-scientist works on a secret project that will be helpful to destroy the terrorists weapons. project is IRONMAN. he builds some thing which can be weared by a human for flying, shooting and many others things. visual fx is good. from there, he destroys all the arms and comes back to USA some how.


tony calls for a press conference where he declares the stark industry closure. he found that his weapons are used for destruction rather than for defense purpose. he changed his mind and wanted to fight back. he works on a secret project IRONMAN which he created when he was a refugee in Afghanistan. IRONMAN project succeeded and using it for good purpose. one the closest to him in the stark industry guy turn wild and wrong and got the proto of IRONMAN and builds a BIG IRONMAN. some how this guy is not able to achieve what tony did like icing feature when going beyond the earth’s atmosphere… i cannot understand why that happens…but in the end, tony wins the battle against the evil IRONMAN and reveals the truth that he is IRONMAN to the press. THE END.

i heard people saying that it was a comic based story. i never had a habit of reading any comics but yeah this one was good watching. i like the technology thingy, the way directors thought about it how technology can be used for good and bad etc….other things which attracted me is that robots in the movie which does everything that tony says… i like to have one or create one.


3 thoughts on “IRONMAN – could be possible in future

  1. “not able to achieve what tony did like icing feature when going beyond the earth’s atmosphere… i cannot understand why that happens…” When we go beyond the earth gravity we will loose the magnetic power. His project was based on electromagnetic. Thats why he couldn’t able to do anything. After he reached the gravity line he will get back all his powers. Such a interesting Movie as well as technology centric.. earlier i was reading some sci-fi novels like Akira and Maayavi. now no time to read those books.

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