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My Pony Tail!!!

I have been waiting for this style all along for months without cutting my hair…..
pony tail

style is called Pony Tail. if you like to know what it means… visit wikipedia
comments please?


4 thoughts on “My Pony Tail!!!

  1. Hello,

    Enna aachu..!!
    Summa iruka matengala..

    Athu enna “Pony Tail”….?
    Because of having pani poori, in that photo, u named pony tail ah….?

  2. Whenever i hear “Pony Tail” i can only remember girl names like Asin etc..

    But now, i can remember you too.. sexy.. !!!.. 🙂 u r becoming a celebrity..

  3. hey…. so now u have a new look n all….. ill cll it rockstar pony tail!!

    wanted a pic with hair open, iron it and wearing a red baseball cap!!

    see ya!

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