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women’s day…what is this for?

I saw “Happy Women’s day” text on one of my friend’s status message on the gtalk. Soon, i thought i could wish some of my friends and I did. but i was thinking why is this day exists? is this a marketing gimmick created by some beauty cosmetics company?.. even in TV channels, most shows and films are based on women…. is it one day enough to praise them and rest of the year dont give respect and all…..

like women’s day, there exists children’s day, mother’s day, valentine’s day and so on…. i could remember weekdays i.e sunday…saturday and most importantly valentine’s day…. people do spend lots of time and money on these days on things which are short lived. things i mentioned like dresses, cosmetics and so on etc. i dont say that people should not use it. i am saying that it has been over utilized.

i could still see women’s on the roads who are selling them for money. do they really do it intentionally? i am not sure. does every women in this country got what they want? there always a question exists, without answers. i could still see little girls being sold for money abroad. how can the life of these little girls and adult women’s (prostitutes as there were called) be changed? i dont know what to think.

but one thing i could say, many big companies, celebrities who are all talking in favour of women can spend some percentage of their money to change the lives of these people rather than spending full money on advertisements, promotions, banners etc.


2 thoughts on “women’s day…what is this for?

  1. hey……. happy Holi:)
    the one thing tht comes to my mind with regard to WD is how papers run big articles on women empowerment n rights. i think its pretty good that they take this day to discuess issues relating to women, but wt really suprises me is how its all forgotten after tht….. so i some how dont want to think tht this is what WD is all abt….

    but yes, a lot of women do feel special n indulge in shopping n stuff… like there was this spa giving away treatments at really good discounts…. i mean, they know how to work on women’s psychology….

    but again, i think this was not wanted!
    btw, do we have a men’s day?????????

    see ya:)

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