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Skandagiri Trekking – a Journey to top

I still wonder how i made this trekking possible with my big tummy… :p but yeah, that was the truth. Skandagiri hills, 75km from bangalore, one of the finest thingy to trek. i enjoyed a lot and i have had a fresh breath on the hill top. my soul, mind got fresh new thoughts after climbing for hours to reach the top.

we were 20 of us and started from bangalore, airport road at 12 midnight and reached to skandagiri hills at around 2.30am. it was good because of moonlight. the moon was in a little oval shape and the dim light from it was so pleasant to walk under. we started walking towards the hill top. people were crawling, talking, making funny sounds. every now and then we take rest to make up ourself for the rest of the treking.

we were walking thro gaint rocks, dark bushes. but some how i had a torch light which helped me. u know how much it is? it cost me 20 bucks and it served up to hill top. i was wearing chappels and that made my climbing/walking slow. people were so much helpful in making me climbing towards the top. some times, you could see a steep way and some times rocky and bushy path way. i convey my thanks to everyone in that crew.

what’s special about climbing the mountain/hill? there’s nothing special you can find here untill you experience by yourself. but few things i can say here

  • Good exercise to your physical body
  • you will get fresh thoughts in your mind and soul
  • you will simply enjoy the beauty of nature 🙂 even though you experience physical pain

After reaching to hill top, we started eating chips, breads, coke, sprite and what ever have had. we also started Bonfire..
mugunth was the one first initially brought sticks and stuff for bonfire. after some time i was able to bring some and added to it. you know, its very difficult to make fire on hill top because you might experience heavy cold breeze in the early morning. but some how we were able to do it and made crazzy sounds 🙂 and enjoyed few minutes. i even took a foto me posing like ghost
are you scared?….

then we were waiting for the sun rise. sun became shy i think because of me waiting for her appearance without sleeping :-). after some time, her shyness gone away and she made her appearance and little bit hiding behind the clouds like the young girls do hide behind their mother. but some how i was able to capture the beauty in her.

another good thing you can notice on hill top is that tea shop. they provide tea, bread, omlet and bajji etc… skandagiri hills is a bizness opportunity too….i can see a little entrepreneur there selling a tea.

i can say there are about 200 people on hill top in the early morning as light came, i can see the crowds. you can even see a temple on the hill top. some times loneliness makes you happy and you could see alone in this photo

after some time, we started coming down and i was wondering that i have walked via these path way and bushes in the moon light without any fear. all i had in my mind is to reach to (hill)top. that kind of confidence is what i got now. i need to go to top in my life.

few days / months, i have little/no confidence in life and thinking about what to do next…frankly i can say my mind is blank. atleast now i was clear on some thing and now my mind is packed with some stuff.

i suggest you also to go for such a wonderful trekking and give your mind and soul a fresh breaze and experience a difference in coming days. the cost of the trekking is around 350 bucks and its worth going. Happy Trekking. Dont forget to view and comment on my photos.

skandagiri trekking

7 thoughts on “Skandagiri Trekking – a Journey to top

  1. u went there tooooooooo?
    our class went there some time back, i have blogged on it….. it was gr8 fun… but LORD…. it has left a blood clot on my big toe….lol…

    i loved the cav tht we get on the way….. it was damn good….. and while commin down, it was major fun…. i think i can never climb down a hill…….. i had two guys hold my hand…… most of we girls had someone supportin us…. and everytime they left my hand, i wud fall….. i wud trip on flat surface too…. lol….

    thanks for bringing back sweet memories…….

    have fun
    see ya:)

  2. and where was the tea shop?????????????????
    we had to carry our own snacks yaar…. n i was also supprised to see so many ppl on top…..


  3. @shut, there was a tea shop on the hill top. they also provide bread and omlet. i did not had neither. but my colleague had it. only bread and omlet was good and not tea.
    i was carrying 3 litres of water and a bread pkt.
    even i got a small cut on the left hand too 😦 but thats a enjoyable pain u know.

  4. Hey really a nice place..,we (when i was unmarried ) planned to go that place for the past 6 months.. still planning.. and planning….

    But i think.. visiting these places are only in my dreams, as i am not alone..!

    Really missed this place…!

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