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Social Service

After a long time, i am writing this post. my last post was in last year. hope new year goes well for you all. My hearty new year wishes for you all. I have started with some good things i have done along with my room mates. which is what this post is about.

the street name board which we fixed. it was lying down for long time. some how after heated argument about society improvements, myself and my roommates ended up fixing some thing.

Team which fixed the street name board – pushparajan, nazaar

myself and nazaar. there is another guy named kathir who don’t want to be in photo who also part of the team

apart from these, there were 2 people on the streets who also helped us after we asked their help in fixing the name board. how about you fixing some small in thing like this in your place?….

the amount of joy in doing some thing like this brings a lot of happiness in me. i always wanted to do some thing for the society and I think this is the first step towards that. i hope i will do lot more in coming living days.


2 thoughts on “Social Service

  1. Happy new year o u too:)
    and thts a good job done by u guys….. i know, when things r heading no where, we need to take control…..

    keep blogging…. u r very much missed:)

    see ya:)

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