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6th Open Coffee Club meet

At BrewHaHa….meeting was great. only few people were able to attend it. many of them are new to OCCB including me. Initially every one of us introduced ourselves with people around. there were few folks who regularly attend OCCB like kiran, navaneeth. techjini – they were talking about their start up experiences and their products. one guy talked about his 3D mouse project and his robitics project plans…. its was a unique idea i have never heard.

all these time i was thinking that only service based and software based start ups rise in India. but there are few or little who also concentrate on electronics…. its good. as the discussions went on, all our talks moved to a focussed one “VC fundings.. and their views…”

some examples have been on the talk. Like, VC’s are like beautiful girls…entrepreneurs are like guys who try to attract the girls…but only handsome guys will be attracted by girls and girls are choosy in that. i like this thought…. some what…
and there are lot more…which i dont have in mind

Hope to meet everyone in the next OCCB..


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