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How Big Can You Think! – Yahoo! Hack Day – Part I

It Rocked. Its Awesome. Its beautiful

How big can you think

Yahoo! you did a great job conducting Hack day for the developers like me. I am very proud of being part of the great Event which i have never experienced like this in my tech life before. Yahoo! hack day happened on 5th and 6th October in India at Taj, Bangalore.

Hack Day Poster

Hack Day Banner with Lights
Hackday banner

I plan to attend the hack day india the day i got the mail from yahoo!. on 5th october, my Team lead suraj’s last day at Amazon. My team went for a team outting along with suraj to Oye! Amritsar near church street and had lunch there. Good and yummy lunch. i was amazed by their lassy in a mega glass they provided (this was suggested by suraj). after heavy food, at around 2.30 pm i started to Taj. i was really excited about how hackday gonna be… reached the venue and registered. i was searching for sridhar rao with whom i thought of joining for the hack. After the registration, i entered the hall. Joe arnold was the host. Yahoo hack day started with various Sessions on Adobe Flex, Yahoo! Maps to get you started etc.

balachandar - My Presence at yahoo hack day

In the evening, i was working with my team and we came up with search mashups. myself, yusuf, vibash, sridhar rao discussed about the hack. it was fun you know when discussing about certain technologies with people whom u have not met before. some how i became good friend to them. we all had fun coding, discussing, debate etc. the whole night we spent on search mashups bringing the design and functionality together. we first started with learning the yahoo search api’s. i never tried this before. sridhar was the one who knew about yahoo search api. he taught us and get we all kickstarted using our laptop.

Xbox 360 Games @ yahoo hack day

at some point we were able to bring in the search results for a given keyword from yahoo web search, images, news etc. i was about to leave to office since i had some work at office. i left there with lots of enthu and all my heart stays at Taj. i came to office and met people and my team lead who’s last day at amazon. after that i was working on some of my personal hack like accessing yahoo mail on the command line using ruby which would be like a filesystem browsing. i thought about two hacks. one of them is that command line yahoo mail. other is that age of empires like game using yahoo maps… but none of them i was able to implement because i dont find the way to implent those.

balachandar - My Presence at yahoo hack day

then left to the Taj from office. continued with search mashups. Had Red Bull, pop corns, pepsi, and hell a lot of drinks and enjoyed there. the enjoyment knew no bounds. we were treated greatly and i have never seen any company values the developer like yahoo did.

balachandar - My Presence at yahoo hack day

the whole night i was working on carosal effect for images and video effect which is placed on the right side of the page. people were playing games in xbox 360 using the projector. some slept. some people left to home. some worked hard. i see lots of people hacking some thing. people out there in IRC #hackday and discussing their hack, issues etc. it was like a community around doing some useful work. it was good to see people like me working whole night and crazy about computing….and stuffs.

My Team Project Yahoo Search Mashup presentation done by sridhar rao
yahoo search mashup
yahoo search mashup
yahoo search mashup

to be continued….


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