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Travelling to chennai via Train

No problem at all. i booked the ticket earlier before a month planning to take usage of 4 days holiday kind of. since oct 2 is tuesday and more over its holiday for gandhi jayanthi. i have taken off on monday. i am writing this from my seat enjoying the beauty of travelling in train. i came to bangalore city junction at 11. usually most of the trains coming to chennai will be in platform 5. went there and bought lays + water bottle. after a long time i had lays chips…i can’t eat just one.

Train arrived on time. boarded in it. the good thing you see in train is that hassle free travel unlike in bus. if you have booked the ticket with Berth, then its really awesome you know. no body bothers you. you board into the right compartment, take your seat / berth. every time when i travel, there would be some adventerous thing will happen. this time nothing such sort of happened. i have not got any thrilling experience. but i was always thinking about whether i booked the ticket correctly bcoz things are normal which bothers me. after boarding into the compartment, i still had doubt whether this is the train i am supposed travel. i am not that socializing person like going and asking to people whom i never met before which is a bad thing in me. so got down again and went to see the travellers list pasted on every compartment. once i found my name there, i was very much happy that i booked the right train and boarded into right compartment.

some of the observations i am now a days making because of blogging…:) i hope every body does this. i see railway police monitoring the stations for any theft / criminal activities. i see people who came to send off their loved ones. some people talking to TTR to find out the berth or seat for travelling. as usual youths are talking over mobile and playing with gadgets…

Difference betweeen travelling in Bus and Train
for 200 bucks, you can sleep well and travel safely in train. Bus costs are very much high and will not give you the comfortablility that train gives. usually Bus like KPN travels, Sharma, KSRTC costs ranges from 400 to 600 bucks for semi sleeper and AC / non AC. if you take tamil nadu bus – SETC it is some what has got nominal rates 250 bucks. there are even Sleeper Buses which costs 700 or much higher. i suggest people should prefer travelling in train over bus which is cheaper, safer and more over comfortable. Train also has differnt types of classes – First class AC, Second Class AC, third Class AC, sleeper class etc.

what if i dont get the ticket?
you can still book in Tatkal mode. Tatkal is open 5 days before the date of journey. you might tend to see double the charge of original ticket in my case, it will be like 350 rather than 200. but still it is worth booking it.

List of Trains available from Bangalore for night journey (approximate train timings)
Chennai Mail – 23:45 departure
Chennai express – 22:30 departure
Guhwati express – 22:45 departure

Tips: Book tickets in also there are flat cancellation charges like 40 Rs for sleeper class. i also suggest that when booking tickets which costs < 300 INR, use credit card which has a low transactional value of 1.8%(ICICI Credit card) or if your ticket goes beyond 500 bucks, use Internet banking because it does not charge you more transactional fee as 10+service tax is the fixed amount.

Train came to chennai and now in vilivakkam at 6:40 AM. its nice to write a blog from the train. may be, people around here might just think that i am creating some scenes / frames using laptop. i dont bother about them as long as i know what i am doing. Happy Journey to me and i hope this posts is some what useful.

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One thought on “Travelling to chennai via Train

  1. hey! have a safe trip and hope you can write more about the trip for us to read.

    i agree with you — travelling by train (upper economy class) is comfortable compared to buses.

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