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India lost to Pakistan in 20-20 world cup

Oops… this is not a post for fooling you. this is about the activities that is going on after India won the 20 – 20 world cup beating Pakistan by 5 runs. Did India actually played well? all the hypes that media is now making for the past 1 or 2 days is all real? need to rethink i guess.

i am here to say that India won the 20-20 world cup purely by luck at the last moment in the final over. Due to bad luck that favored Pakistanis in the end, they were not able to beat India even though they played really well fighting back hardly from the ground. i am not discouraging the Team India here. If we have really played well, we would have taken the wickets much earlier / contained the balls. i also agree that we played well the middle by taking wickets faster. good bowling by sreeshanth and pathan 🙂 but we were unable stop them for a certain time.

at the end unfortunately, misbah caught out. he could have just taken a moment before hitting the ball. if he have stood at the end, i am sure that Pakistan would have won 20-20 world cup. one thing i would like to tell is here about dhoni. i guess he is a good guy leading the team. lets see what the senior players like sachin, ganguly, dravid react to this…. may be they should resign themselves leaving opportunities to these young to thrive more in the mere coming matches.

coming to the public and media. they are all celebrating the victory like anything. Good to see that because people get united when enjoying… but this cannot be seen when we fail. what could have happened to the players if they lost the world cup? i am sure these people surely would have broken the player’s property and all. BCCI would be criticized about nominating dhoni as captain saying as he is less experienced… most of them even say that Men in blue sucks… what the f**k the selection committee is doing out there with hell a lot of money…. but thankfully that didn’t happen. most news TV channels are broadcasting the players arrival and where they go lively. no other news in the country as of now…

more over, i guess the prize money(~$3 million ) flowing to the players are much more higher i guess. are these players worth this much? i leave it to you people to think. soon India will become a country of cricket ruining other sports like hockey, football which does not have much funding or opportunities…. may be i can dream about it happening soon atleast in second life.


5 thoughts on “India lost to Pakistan in 20-20 world cup

  1. the whining of the vanquished!
    oh man look at you….you are so damn pissed off that in the end that mishbah dude was just dumb enough not to use his brains (or whatever was left of it!)
    when he hit that six, i thought it was over for india…but that mishbah guy proved that pakistan are just too dumb to ever beat INDIA in a world cup!

  2. Dude, seriously try and search if they sell a life over the internet. you are in desperate need of it…
    A game is just that – a game. The media is not the only one responsible for making a hype out of anything – public like you are equally responsible.

    It was an excellent cricket match, and no matter who would have won in the end, both the teams played equally well. You can stick to your flawed superstitions and blame it on luck or fate or whatever the crap you would want to blame it on. People like you don’t understand that a game is not supposed to be played for either winning or loosing, but for the spirit of the game.

    No matter what the technical outcome might be in the end, I would say that both the teams won it. In fact, cricket won it. But as far as technicalities are concerned, India “won” it technically with perfect legality. That’s the way the game of cricket has been defined by its rules.
    If you don’t like it, stop watching Cricket and get a life for yourself…

  3. Pakistan could have won if they had used their brains,where still 3 balls to be delivered for 6 runs was just some miles away to grab their cup.And the Misbah,y did he do such a stupid batting finally ? It must have been his responsibility to make his team win even in the last moment.
    Indian cricketers even if they are in a position to lose,they will battle with the last over balls and not bat for fun(like the Misbah) .They really fight till the end of the match and never leave their hope.Watch even losing matches…………………..
    You are not fooling the readers but fooling urself behind the post.

  4. hey, just keep your cool! At least be happy they have won! It is now their pride as well as the countries pride as it was what took place on the field in J. I havent been there nor watched it live on TV — but am 10000% sure Indian team have won the game legally. Am sure there could be negative thoughts as it was just a matter of moment – India could have lost — but forget the the negative wonderments — let us just feel thankful, your team, the India team HAVE WON!

    Oh by the way, Indians in Kuwait had a victory rally coz the team won. hehehehe

    Have a nice day!


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