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when government of india running like software company….

why cant a government of India run like a software company…

i had the above question in my mind. you people can ask how a software company related to government of India. ya its a kind of related. how? i am going to tell about that here in the following paragraphs. hey Hold on? there seems to be no link at all…. but hey, i would like to share with you all.

typically in a software company, software engineers work on projects. each project has project leader, project manager, team manager etc and so and so…. in software company too, we can see politics in a polished manner. so politics exists everywhere. politics exists in government of India too. lets not enter into politics. lets enter into the good things about the software company and how it can help government of India if it follows. henceforth government of India is represented as GOI

every software company invests time and money to define a process and follow it to achieve certain milestone in the projects its working on. process to define the project, how to do it etc. it is described as analysis, design, implementation, delivery etc. in the same way, GOI can also handle each work it does to the people by following some process. by this way, it can deliver good things to people on time (if process executed well).

in software company, the project is taken from a external client by a business analysts. he then talks to project manager / other managers about the ability of doing it. if managers give green signal, they will take up. this then discussed with the project leaders and who in turns discusses with team members. PL then gives the estimation which is informed to Business Analysts(BA) who informs to client. if client accepts, work then started and team members , PL work hard to finish it within the delivery date. some times, this may be extended due to some other external factors like priority, manager’s push for other projects etc. lets be optimistic here. lets think everything in a positive manner. i am saying this because, not many projects delivery date slips. only few. that too its because of bad analysis and bad promise to the clients.

the above series of events happens if a software company is service based. it can also be a product company. in that case, some department within a company acts as external clients but the process is same. lets take the GOI case. GOI needs to do some thing like improving the infrastructure in the country. what is infrastructure here? it can be roadway, airways, seaways,railways, education, connectivity, telecommunication etc.

if the GOI not able to do anything by using its human resources, it outsources the work to any other company in a form called tendering. the company which quotes for minimum money to complete any work, they have been offered the tender. lots of politics happen over here among the politicians to grab the tender for their own company. lets say a proper business analyst should be appointed with good salary to manager tenders. he should evaluate the requirements of the GOI and find whether it can be done using the employees of GOI. if not, he should outsource to external good companies which can deliver with good quality. most of the work executed in the form of tender since GOI cannot keep an eye on the work across the country. its very very difficult task.

then which is the best practice here? i guess tendering is the best practice but it should have some process so that every day the project status is evaluated across the country. central GOI should talk to people responsible for the projects they are executing across the country and inform the status to the people through newspaper / news / website etc. the central authority should asks hell a lot of question and try to understand whats going on. if external company does not do any work / having some concerns, it should be solved immediately. it is like this that any work being done without disturbing the public should be agreed. most of the work like building highway / local road should be done in night / some other time which does not cause inconvenience to the people. in this case, i am referring the central authority to be the infrastructure minister of india. he should talk to district collectors who should be responsible for getting the work done in the respective districts across the country. minister should be knowledgeable enough to handle these things.

to be continued…


3 thoughts on “when government of india running like software company….

  1. when we look into Indian constitution it has a good frame work to handle a larger system (a country with many diversifications) but the mangers here great politicians*(pm,cm and all its ministry) are not efficient in any way (except making some good money for them) who have even ruined that. making team leaders (the local MLA’s)and then finally team members(the govt employees) very lazy
    i think instead of implementing ur idea in govt , its better to implement in government offices where generally people r very lazy,

    hmmmm actually the problem is lot more complex to solve.

  2. nice thought man!
    if the rulers have the guts, things are still possible in india…we have several examples like indian railways, delhi metro etc… gradually our country is also changing but the acceleration is not enough…

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