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blogging 4 lazy…

i became too lazy now a days. that is the reason i have not blogged for the past 1 week. but i too have some of the entries in my drafts. how can i be not lazy when blogging? how to avoid that? because of being lazy, thoughts in our mind can be buried.

if u r lazy, and not wanted to type a lot when blogging, do try to write simple posts with few lines about the something. if you wanted to write more, its better to split it and write it. in this way, your thoughts would not be buried. but u would still continue blogging which is what we all wanted.

another idea that strike in my mind is to do audio blogging. use the sound recorder software along with a head set. talk what you want and record it. save it and convert the speech to mp3 format and upload to some audio blogging websites. ok what if i am lazy enough to talk? sorry. then u need to stop blogging then. talking is some thing easiest way which is what i wanted to blog about here.

happy lazy blogging…


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