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Traveling to Chennai

i traveled to chennai last week on friday to see my parents and also to attend a marriage reception of one of my colleague. You can view the google map route from below

Route Details: Ali asker road(Bangalore) to Adyar(Chennai).
Bangalore to Chennai

View Live Map of the above mentioned route. i have tried to embed the Google map into this blog. unfortunately 😦 wordpress doesn’t have that functionality.
you can download the KML file here

What the …. this blog post for?
nothing. i thought of blogging the experience i had when traveling to chennai without planning. usually i never reserve the ticket in train or bus or flight. there comes the thrill in it. my mind always think about “whether will i get any bus or not? i should have done reservation earlier. shit!”

In that way, i started from office last friday. it was raining in Bangalore and the climate is awesome. i reached the silkboard signal (madivala, hosur road) from where i can easily get tamil nadu transport buses to travel to hosur. within a few minutes, i’ve got the bus. i boarded in it and got the front seat. bus also got video coach. they were screening a movie ‘thalai nagaram‘ starring sundar c, jothir mayi. jothirmayi is beautiful in that. also vadivel comedy rocks in that. movie is about a man who is fighting out with gangster who ruin other lives.

reached hosur at around 7 pm. there was a huge crowd in the bus depot because of a public meeting by Stalin, Member of Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly. i was lucky that day because within few minutes, i got a chennai bus. bus started at around 7.30 pm. the problem when traveling in these kind of buses is that, seats are not ergonomic. it will create lots of pain in neck, waist etc. Ticket fare: 105 INR. this bus is also a video coach. Besides me, where two Tamil nadu police man talking about their pain in their life. that makes me to understand how difficult the lives of police man….

bus stopped in a road side motel near zeenoor (few km from krishnagiri). i have never seen such a hotel with high price for a single parotta which costs 10 INR. i had 2 parottas and 1 dosai + 1 egg. i paid only 30 bucks. i thought i am paying more thinking that parotta is just 5 bucks (which is usually like that every where within the bengalooru city). Then had coconut water which costs 10 INR. within few minutes, me back in the bus and traveling towards chennai. they started screening Padayappa starring Super Star Rajni kanth and “நடிகர் திலகம்” Sivaji Ganesan.

one good thing i noticed while travelling is that, a small kid sleeping with his father whose age might be very small say around 20. father holding kid in such a way that the kid does not get hurted and has good sleep. altogether different people have different views and experiences which i experienced on that day. that night went along with watching padayappa. reached chennai (Guindy) at around 2 AM and reached home at 3 AM. in between Guindy and Home(adyar), i traveled in a share auto spending around 40 bucks after bargaining with the autowala. he dropped me nearby my house. i am afraid of street dogs. some 2 to 3 street dogs were barking at me. one even was chasing me and i chased another. at last, i went home without any dog bites.
what a thirlling experiences….. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Traveling to Chennai

  1. i hate travelling without reseving tickets…

    we had a bitter experience last week when a couple of my colleagues and i travelled from coimbatore to bangalore…we were there for a marriage reception of one our team mate…we had our tickets reserved for the onward journey, but while coming back, since it was sunday evening, almost all the buses were full…somehow we got a ticket in some special bus through a friend…we had to pay Rs. 450 for a ticket but the bus wasn’t good…the so called push-back seats were not working and there was not enough space in between the seats and i had to keep my legs bent for the entire night…

    ok, we adjusted somehow…but since the bus didn’t have permit to enter karnataka, they asked us to board another bus at hosur. the new one was really horrible…the filth and stink inside the bus made the journey a nightmare…

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