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File your Grievances

The government of India started listening to the public through online(i do not know about this before. i got this information in an email). you can now lodge your grievance here. It has a simple form to fill up and you need to produce some supporting document to them.

Below is the screen shot from the website,
File your Grievances
The help page says

The Public Grievance Lodging And Monitoring System, is an online computerised system over NICNET which has been developed with an objective of speedy redress and effective monitoring of grievances by the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances(DARPG) besides providing a faster access to the public.

What is to be noted is that there are 1475 pending grievance cases. Take a look at the graph generated by me. may be the government of india should give out the ‘SLA’ kind of that a particular grievance takes this much time to get resolved. other wise its yet-another-waste-of-time activity we do with the government.
List of Pending Grievances Graph
Government of Uttar Pradesh seems to be top in the list. check out the list here

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Bloglines down

It seems that Bloglines Plumber is doing a little fix on i am unable to read the new blog posts 😦 should i have to go for alternate one or continue with bloglines? i just started using bloglines from yesterday. i guess i have a bad luck 😦

bloglines down


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