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The Madras Day – Aug’22

From the the madras day website,
the madras day

The founding day of Madras is considered to be August 22, 1639.
It was on that day, in that year, that a sliver of land, where Fort. St. George stands today, was transacted by the East India Company.The deal was struck by Francis Day, his ‘dubash’ Beri Thimmappa, and their superior, Andrew Cogan, with the local Nayak rulers.It is believed that this deal was made on August 22, 1639.

Madras now called Chennai is 368 Years old city in India.

How current Madras(Chennai) looks,
Madras beach

From the Madras, as it was… from 1885!,

Chennai Central
First Line Beach
Marina Beach
Mowbray's Road
Mount Road
Napier Bridge
Parris Corner
Pycrofts' Road

More Flickr fotos about Madras


3 thoughts on “The Madras Day – Aug’22

  1. hey….. yello:)
    i really like this city:) it is very neat an well managed. fot tht matter all of TN is:)
    i have very sweet memories attached to this place…. in fact, it was the first time i flew a kite:) it was a super day at the beach…

    n thanks for sharing these sepia mode/bw snaps…. it is always emotional to see old snaps:)

    very nice blog:)

    see ya:)

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