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Citibank’s Poor Customer Care

one of my room mate holds a savings account in a reputed international bank. the bank offers a hell a lots of features like online banking, ready credit account, investment account to its customers but never fulfilled the customers request. earlier, i have informed the room mate about the ready credit fraud before this incident happened.( i came to know through my uncle who paid heavy interest amount like anything.) he requested the bank customer care through online banking for ready credit account closure some week back. they responded explaining about the product features. they had given a fantastic product descriptions which is not at all relevant to our request which means, improper response made by them.

after a week, my room mate purchased some things in a retail shop with the debit card. he used his savings account to purchase computer table and a chair. In the same, when he checked the online banking, he was shocked. the money is taken from the ready credit account rather than the savings account. the amount is around ~2500 INR. The bank also charged 500 INR as the activation charges + extra Service tax + education cess. when he called up the customer care and asked about it, the customer care executive asked for TPIN to place any request. usually TPIN is used for telephone banking and not for giving to customer care for placing the request. he does not have the TPIN because TPIN has not been issued to him by the bank in spite of TPIN request made a month ago.

when i interfered in the conversation with the executive, executive said that other than account holder , we will not respond to the people even if account holder recommends a person. think about people who doesn’t know about what bank is doing. here, the bank is not acting in a friendly manner for the customers who doesn’t know much about banking and its rules. coming back to conversation, after a long spicy argument with the executive, he verified the account holder and started listening to our requests. executive then agreed that he will place the request for the reversal of activation charges only if my room mate paid the pending amount in the ready credit account. my room mate agreed on it and made a payment immediately and called the customer care. Now we faced another customer care executive who responded saying that we should wait for the reversal of activation charges. after the reversal(takes 3 business days) is done, we can place the request for ready credit account closure.

after few days, reversal has been made. still the ready credit account is not closed. instead, Citibank sent a statement explaining the ready credit account features. no responses for the email sent over the Citibank online.


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