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for the people; by the people; to the people;

Last sunday evening at MG Road coffee day shop, myself and few room mates were discussing about the Indian mentality. one of them had even written a blog post about the typical Indian mentality. we argued why India is still being a developing country rather than being a developed country. why doesn’t people not taking care of society? I have been arguing with them and here are my thoughts on it.

Its been 60 years since India got its independence. India is still a developing nation despite having a massive human population in the country.

According to wikipedia,

India is the second fastest growing major economy in the world, with a GDP growth rate of 9.4% for the fiscal year 2006–2007.

the above statement looks great for people who can understand it. i still see people out there begging on the traffic signals, temples etc. do we have to take into account that these are because of government not taking care of those people? well, we can say that as a one big reason. if we are optimistic, we could even say, those people who are begging should go to work and earn for their comfort living. i mean the comfort living as the basic essential things needed for the individuals. even though, we advise people to go for work, how many can we think can do this? i cannot make any guess on that.

I can say India became *developed* nation when every citizen gets a basic essential things in their life. but for that to happen, everything is with the government. you can say that Government is driven by people. so people should take initiative. i could say that people would never ever take initiative. why because, they are selfish. they wanted to take care of their own dependents which is quite natural for any living thing in this planet earth. our society is unbalanced as of now which should be changed. From Rajnikanth’s Sivaji movie

Rich gets richer. poor gets poorer

If people are not willing to take initiative in developing the nation, then how will the nation become developed one? It all lies with the Indian Government. Government is driven by politicians. they are much more selfish goose(few are good) than the selfish individuals in the country. In that case, people should drive the politicians who can in turn drive the nation’s growth which is very difficult in the present situations. people can exercise their power only during elections. if we take account of the good politicians being voted is far less when compared to the evil politicians who gets more vote by providing briyani and some bucks to the people who vote for them. the people selfishness gets binded with this and people vote for the wrong politicians. even, its hard to find out the good candidate. so people vote based on their past experience with the last politicians being elected.

what do these politicians do when got elected? they suck money from people and from the government (It seems to be good career opportunity 🙂 ) and ran away. even if they caught, all these courts from state to central cannot do anything instantly. they got to investigate them which takes months and years and even decades to find out fraud politicians and give them punishment. they will easily come out using bail with the money they got so far. for coming out of punishment, lawyers(only few are good) help these politicians because they are smart enough to find out the holes in the Indian laws for which they are getting money.

what is the solution for this problem? how do we make our nation a developed one? how can we make selfish people to think about other individuals in the society? how can we kick the ass of the evil politicians?. One solution which i think of is that, every body should their work properly on a daily basis right from bottom level to top presidential level in the country. what do i mean by properly working? It means every individual should work in the working hours, should not ask for bribe, pay tax, spend time with their family and live a happy living. how can this helps the country growth? if an individual goes to work, does the work properly and earns, takes care of his family, he should be happy(if he is not selfish or greedy). with that happiness, he should start contributing to his relatives, neighbors and to the society. contributing something to the society is not mandatory but that is what helps to grow the nation. without making his family happy, he cannot contribute with full hearted.

contribution means what? money? not necessarily. Contribution can be anything in terms of knowledge, happiness, money or any other things that could be useful for other individuals. lets says salaried employee can help unemployed(talented) to fetch him job. people should not donate money to any one freely. individual should do something and earn. at least some work.If rich people come forward to educate poor children’s education, that would be great rather than giving money. we current education system should be tweaked to compete with the world’s latest technologies and studies. Government should provide shelter and other subsidiaries to the poor families by getting some work from them and not for free. Government should concentrate on nation’s infrastructure like airways, roadways, seaways etc. Government should be transparent to the people and should work always in the public interest rather than individual politician being benefited.

the economy growth should be even among the people living in the country. at present situation, world sees India as a fastest growing nation in terms of IT Services. Since, we have been known by the agricultural revolutionaries we made in the past, we should improve agricultural, manufacture industries. we need industrial revolution to become a developed nation. there by we increase the exports and reduce the import costs. we the People of India should co-operate along with the Indian Government and neighbors to make this happen rather than being selfish because Indian Government is for the people; driven by the people; to the people;

Jai Hind!


One thought on “for the people; by the people; to the people;

  1. “If people are not willing to take initiative in developing the nation, then how will the nation become developed one? ”

    Bala, these lines from the article have the “cause” and “solution” as well.


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