Business & Development

Business people never understand the insight involved in development and vice versa. In order to gradually increase the growth, business should go in hand with development. Everyone should be treated equally.

Business brings orders. Development fulfills orders. business Delivers and makes money. thats it. Most of the business concentrate on parts where they earn more. If you see todays world, money is playing with the hands of the software companies. where ever i go,i see lot of ads related to infrastructure, Human resources etc. I am sure that i am talking about business and development related to software.

Software is where you dont have to invest except for hardware if u use open source software. create stunning software applications that is used by businesses and make money. in that way, software is booming in india. Lot of software companies are becoming global such as Infosys, Wipro, TCS, CTS and other notable mascots etc which u could see in opportunities. I think companies which succeeded might have a good Talented guys where the business team and software development team go in hand like the rail tracks to reach a perfect destinations…..


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