Lots of Happiness & Sadness

Happiness is what the only word for which each human works in this planet. But Almost most of the life is ruined by sadness and only often times happiness comes. But why this happens to each of the human beings?? is that because of human beings likeness to various things in this planet?

Every human beings facing problems or sadness in his life is because of himself. Because he keeps on loving what are all the things he sees and there by lead his life into problems.

Here are my sadnesses due to endless love…
But sometimes i am selfish – worst than the worst. it just happens to me. i can frankly say that i am behaving in a psychic manner. if something happens what i thought to do, extreme happines bounds me. if somethign doesnt happen what i am capable of doing, extreme frustration bounds me and make to think bad
Don’t loose your confidence at any level all have the capability to do..but they should believe in themselves to get it done But i loose / gain confidence often nor gain persists nor loose persist

My inner mind says that i should grow up well and should help others but my physical mind says no to that. often i follow physical minds which gives me happiness. but i suggest you (reader) to follow your inner mind. though it may be difficult at present, in the long run it is going to use ful.

Hope i will soon consult a good psychian to solve all my inner minds problem.


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