Ghajini – A Movie Review

Ghajini – Handsome Suriyah, Gorgeous Nayanthara, good Looking Asin

Suriyah is called as sanjay ramasamy and is a rich business man owning a telecom company called air voice. he is a affected by short term memory loss. that is every 15 minutes he looses his memory and only remembers last incidents which happened at one instance before he was injured.

Asin played a good role in terms of comedy, crazyness etc. she also deserves for her kindness to the physically challenged humans in the film. Asin loves manohar(suriyah)

Gorgeous Nayanthara, who i liked the most in the film because of her stunning look, glamour etc. she played some what ok.

I would congragulate A.R.Murugadoss for his stunning work on trailor, film editing, screenplay etc which took the eyes away. Harris jayaraj has done the music very well. Its going to be a big hit.

Sanjay ramasamy with his short term memory loss illness, wanted to kill the guy who killed kalpana (Asin) due to some controversies between the villain and kalpana in the girls kidnapping issues to bombay. Half story was read from the diary by a policeman who found that sanjay ramasamy is the killer but unfortunately he died. so nobody knows who killed the villan gangs. in the next half, Nayanthara reads the diary and investigates the case ineager to know what had happened. she is a medical college student in the film. she is modern, good looking, sexy! She then helps sanjay ramasamy to find the villain and at last as usual masala mix fight where hero wins the battle under a rainy situation. villains were dead. villains where twins. Films ends.

Music is good. I like the songs…
1. Oru maalai – superb slow songs
2. sutrum vizhi – superb slow songs

some other songs also good
3. rahatulla – asin’s intro – i dont like this song
4. X-machi – Nayanthara’s skin show song
5. rangola – duet – some what good.


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