Deskzilla – Desktop client for Bugzilla bug tracking system

Deskzilla allows you to do more with issues in your Bugzilla™ bug tracking system.

Deskzilla is an alternative Bugzilla client. It is a desktop application with interactive user interface and unique capabilities that are a valuable addition to the feature-rich web-based Bugzilla software.

Using Bugzilla bug tracker? Try Deskzilla and see what you can do!

check out— http://deskzilla.com/

Key Features

  • Hierarchical project structure and nested queries allow you to apply consistent and orderly approach to issue tracking by creating an issue breakdown structure;
  • Issue counters give you the immediate picture of the state of your project;
  • Local database that acts as a cache for issues allows for quick and customizable database search;
  • User interface enhancements such as Threaded Comments View help working with issues;
  • Offline availability allows you to work with issues any time, regardless of the availability of Bugzilla server or the Internet.


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