6 Easy Steps to Grow a Blog

1. Post about something that you’re passionate about (and that interests others.)
Me, and learning to be a better human. If you’re passionate about something, it will show. But don’t just post what your pet did yesterday.

2. Have a vision for your blog.
What are you trying to accomplish with your blog or site? Is this just an online journal or do I have something to actually share. Is your life that interesting? Where there is no vision, the blog readers perish.

3. Ask yourself “So What”?
Ask yourself the question, we ask during sermon prep, “So What?” before you post. Will anybody care what your Grand Ma got for her birthday?

4. Post something you know people will want to link to.
Along with the previous question, ask yourself, “will someone find this interesting and want to link to it” and share with their world. It’s all about networking.

5. Post more frequently.
If you’re posting once a day, guess how many time people with Bloglines are coming to your blog? Just post one more time a day would increase your viewership.

6. Check other blogs and leave comments on great posts and link to them.


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