Where does Google go want to Today?

Hope Every one who where aware of the internet might know what Google it is… with your better understanding about google , i progress with this post.

Google is a internet search company which u might know. But we can call Google also a worlds largest media company now. Google has now planned to set up a 1 millon square foot research center in the NASA’s AMEs Place.

Google is not just a search engine. they go beyond the space i think… see google products like google talk, google groups, gmail, google desktop search, google adsense etc which became the daily resources to the internet users. i think that is the reason for google’s success.

Google generates all its revenue interms of Ads which it publishes through its network of websites virtually. They want to provide free Wi-Fi internet access to the san francisco region, and lots more coming from it.

I Hope, one day i might be a googleeeeeeeer. its just a thought or imagination..


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