Importance of RC Book

I will tell you the importance of RC book in this post. On Saturday, i
was caught by the cops and they asked me for RC book. Since i dont
have anything, i was taken to police station and through some
influence i am back to home.

Though i escaped, one day for sure, i might get caught again. RC book
means Certificate of Registration for Vehicle. It is very important
for everyone who have got any type of Vehicle except Bicycle.

These are the following things which you might need! If u have Xerox
copy of all mentioned below, then that is ok.

1. RC book
2. Insurance
3. your Driving Licence
4. Some ID Card
5. Pollution control
6. Life Tax

so i suggest you to have all these before driving vehicle to any where.

Have a Nice Day.


One thought on “Importance of RC Book

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