Lots of Work today

Today I am not going to office. you know why?? Its my Compensation Off today for the mobile bulk upload project. so i have done much of the work today.

Morning session
I went to college to get my T.C and also on the way i went to post office and got the Passport Application and then met saravanan to give the book i lended from his friends for RHCE. After coming back from the college, i had enough parotas and omlettes in the near by hotel and then went to RTO Office for taking LLR. But it too late since i was there at 12.30…and i gave 30 bucks for the doctor nearby for getting his attestation.

Afternoon Session
Then came home and took rest and at around 3 pm i started to nokia service centre in mount road for replacing the head set. but the authorised person said it will take around 1 month for replacement. after giving that, i went to meet bala’s friend and then came home and working on a small mobile project.

Evening session
Mobile project is what i dont know. so i am researching some thing related to mobile and was happy about the technology i know about that.. So much tired today because of lots of field work i did..

so i am going to sleep…bye


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