Last day of the project… & my sunday spencers..

Last day of the project.
Yahoooooooooooooooooo.! I and with my team in our company completed most of the project and everything gone to staging server. i am very much happy about this. we fixed lot of small bugs, logical bugs etc.. one of my colleague from my team has been push on to other project.

my sunday Spencers..
on sunday i went to spencer and i see people rush like the one in Ranganathan streets in T.nagar. and now a days we can get cheaper goods in Spencer if we search for a product there. I also hope that products are also good. instead of buying branded shirts, wears like that we can go for spencer and search for small good quality cheap cloths and we can buy that.

you can also have a great sight at the modern girls roaming here and there with cell phones and sleveless dress..gorgeous, glamourous..etc. i roamed around music world, some rajasthan shops to buy some jewels like thing but did not get it. but enjoyed visiting there.

I hope you guys also enjoy freaking out in spencers on weekends…


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