Bad + Good News

Bad News
I was on the way to my office and i suddenly got a call from Rafi saying some bad news. you know what happened….i was caught by the traffic police man for speaking over cell phone while riding the bike. I was shocked for this…and i request the cop to give my bike key which he took when i stopped the bike near to him.

After that i was asked to pay Rs.100 as a corruption cost. i dont have money with me. so i called my colleague tamilarasan and he helped me. then i went to office. rafi again called me and said that Karthik80 who was working with us met with an accident when he was trying to swim in the swimming pool of water upto leve 4 feet before that he had some liquor.

He was affected by that and now he would not able to move his body any more..all his sense works upto the neck…its so sad for a kind person which happens like this…thats why i hate god whom i now a days called them as dog…but even dog will be thank ful but god did not…..

Good News
Our Project was almost completed today and we fixed some bugs sent by our testing team and we enjoyed today having good food from hot chips –meals, juices, vadai… and enjoyed and came back home and speaking with kamini,,my new friend ..


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