Everything might get over…

Hi all,, Today is the last day for the project which is assigned to me. i hope everything works fine as per the requirements. lots of issues has been raised for one of my colleague and after that it solved. yesterday. some times we get confused of what we do due to over load of the work or for not having the clear input.

may from monday or today i might go to office in time and leave office in time due to the practise for the RHCE Exam. to tell about RHCE which abbreviates for Red Hat Certified Engineer is a certification exam conducted by red hat Inc all over the world to certify linux professionals.

I hope this chirstmas eve, i might be doing the exam. this exam is fully practical for 5 1/2 hours. troubleshooting, servers configuration etc in RHEL 4 OS.

Also i am looking for ringtones kind of concepts so that i can distribute the ringtones for free to all those subscribers. that why. lets see whether my concepts reaches millions of people…


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